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Twilight Force - Dawn of the Dragonstar Award winner

Twilight Force
Dawn of the Dragonstar
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 August 2019, 1:33 PM

There are times when everyone just wants to leave this daily boring and stressful world behind, and let the mind flight to a different realm. Yes, who never dreamt of living on Narnia, Middle-Earth or another world of fantasy? This will is a main driving force for those bands that are into the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, Julio Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and many other masters that gave wings to our thoughts. And the lands of Falun (Sweden) brought to life another excellent band, the Middle-Earth warriors of TWILIGHT FORCE, who show how they’re fierce and prepared to battle with “Dawn of the Dragonstar”, their third and new album.

The Knights of Twilight’s Might create an epic/folk form of Symphonic Power Metal, done with personality, energy and tons of the purest joy everyone needs. All in their music works in high level, and even not being something really new, their musical approach is extremely personal, something that was sharpened with wisdom and will, but that comes from the heart, the only way that synergy can be created. Lovely and great melodies, charming orchestrations, a solid and very good work on the rhythm session, sharp guitar riffs and solos, and an excellent work on vocals (the only change on the legion’s ranks, because Chrileon left the band and the new bard, Allyon, attended the call for the battle). But these are mere words that barely can describe the beauty and weight found on this Power Metal artifact of war!

Blackwald and Lynd produced and mixed “Dawn of the Dragonstar” (with the first one mastering the album as well). And honestly: to join all the musical elements of their songs together isn’t so easy, but these heroes created something that is clear and heavy in both ways, in a way that every little arrangement can be heard and understood. And it fits on the war hymns the fellowship created for this album. As the adventures are being told by the fellowship, its tales seduces the listeners and takes us into their realm. But the best legends are told on “Dawn of the Dragonstar” (amazing orchestrations and guitars, with a charming set of melodies and remarkable chorus), the epic ambience of “Thundersword” (a hymn tempered by steel with very good classical keyboards’ parts and axe-crushing tempos on bass guitar and drums), the fierce tender energy that comes from “Long Live the King” (one of the best calls to arms done by the vocals and choirs), the amazing melodies and balanced harmonies gathered by the wizard on “With the Light of a Thousand Suns” and “Winds of Wisdom” (both with excellent rhythmic changes), the accessible touches on the weaving spells called “Queen of Eternity” and “Valley of the Vale” (this last one presents the traditional high pitches vocals in great shape), the dwarves secret treasure presented on “Hydra” (the contrasts between fast tempo parts with some slower moments shows a great work on bass guitar and drums once more), the blazing steel art of the elves that is presented on the shining “Night of Winterlight” (hear the excellent guitar riffs that are presented entangling with very good vocals), and the charming introspective chant of humans from eastern lands heard on “Blade of Immortal Steel” (excellent vocals using an ample set of tunes, all laying above a great instrumental spell, and it lasts more than 12 minutes of the purest joy the listener can find) are heroic tales that will conquest you all for sure.

The prophecies foretold that “Dawn of the Dragonstar” would be a great album, and no one needs to be a member of Istari order to learn that it’s a strong candidate to become a classic in the future. So enter their realm of the Knights of Twilight’s Might and enjoy the travel!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Dawn of the Dragonstar
2. Thundersword
3. Long Live the King
4. With the Light of a Thousand Suns
5. Winds of Wisdom
6. Queen of Eternity
7. Valley of the Vale
8. Hydra
9. Night of Winterlight
10. Blade of Immortal Steel
Allyon - Vocals
Lynd - Guitars, Lute
Aerendir - Guitars
Born - Bass
Blackwald - Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Cembalo
De’Azsh - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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