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Twilight Zone - The Beginning

Twilight Zone
The Beginning
by MarcusTheRocker at 01 January 2015, 4:19 PM

You know, the more I listen to Heavy Metal music from Italy, the more I begin to wonder if they can produce anything good in that genre. Although I've said it before, I’ll say it again and that is Heavy Metal and Italy just don’t work well together in my opinion so whenever I get something new from that country in that genre, I always get a bit skeptical and if you listened to what I have reviewed that makes me skeptical then you’d get it. Anyway, let’s get on with todays review and see if things will finally change or if I will always be right to remain skeptical of Italy producing Heavy Metal music.

The album featured in this review is the debut album from TWILIGHT ZONE who are an Italian Heavy Metal band that formed 21 years ago in 1993. At first, all they could do was produce demo CD’s until they gained interest from a record label to release their first studio album which took 21 years to do as they went through a few line-up changes and a few demo CD’s and samplers before the time came to record their debut studio album. The album in question is called “The Beginning” which does sound like an appropriate title for a first album and one that has taken 21 years to release no doubt but was the wait worth it? Let us find out.

When you first listen to it, things do sound promising at first as the melodies sound right for a Heavy Metal album, the guitars sound heavy and the vocals are heavy too but from there on in, I’m afraid things start to go wrong. I hate to start a review on a negative note but unfortunately, it really is a case of first impressions do matter. For some bands, their debut albums do get good acclaim despite any quality issues but for others, if it sounds cheap or bad then it could probably mean the end of their career but for some, it doesn't really matter as they will probably keep releasing albums regardless of how each one turns out.

So is that the case for TWILIGHT ZONE? Well my guess is that yes they will keep releasing albums as this album may appeal to some but to me it does not. Why? Well without sounding too rude, I think the production sounds a bit cheap and by cheap I mean rushed. The potential is there but this band, like many others have fallen into the trap of rushing a release with poor production in the music as things sound a bit too messy and a bit second rate. That’s not to say it ruins the music completely as for the most part you can occasionally make out the melodies in terms of the guitars and the vocals (even though the performance is a bit hit and miss at times) but everything else just seems a bit buried and a bit lost in the mix.

You know, I think it’s reasons like this why I’ve always been skeptical of Italy releasing Heavy Metal music as they do have the potential as they can produce great music i.e. Melodic Rock. However, Heavy Metal is a genre which they need to spend more time polishing and refining by working mainly on the production so it sounds heavier, more hardcore and more clear without sounding cheap, rushed or second rate.

Verdict time now and “The Beginning” by TWILIGHT ZONE is okay for a debut album but given the fact that it sounds a bit rushed and a bit hit and miss in places, it just doesn't sound like the type of thing I’d listen to on a day to day basis as the potential is there but I think more time is needed in order for that potential to be realized and fully utilized.

3 Star Rating

  1. Bow To Me
  2. Going to Hell
  3. Death Swarm
  4. Under An Iron Cross
  5. Plague
  6. River Of Pain
  7. The Black List
  8. Chapter 1 - The Gathes of Hell
Val Shieldon - Lead Vocals
Fabio “Lord Kain” Bertini - Guitars, Backing Vocals and Keyboards
Stefano Giusti - Bass and Backing Vocals
Francesco Bovecchi - Drums
Record Label: EBM Records


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