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Twilight Guardians - Wasteland (CD)

Twilight Guardians
by Alex Farmakis at 25 October 2004, 3:48 PM

Wasteland is the second album of the Finnish Power Metallers Twilight Guardians. It's a very good album and will please all the fans of Power Metal. That's it. End of the review!!!
Well… I think that I have to say something more than that. Ok, let's take the whole situation a little more seriously.
What we have here is a very good album from a band that comes from a country that the last four years has made an enormous and very good Heavy Metal scene and gives us every year many good albums from many different bands.Twilight Guardians is one of these bands.
They play melodic Power Metal and some of their influences are, in my opinion, Rhapsody, Angra and the general style of most of the Finnish Power Metal bands. Many of the guitar riffs and many of the solos are following a neoclassical technique just like guitar-master Yngwie Malmsteen has taught. The keyboards are very good and create a beautiful atmosphere, but they also have a part in the structural building of the songs.
Vesa Virtanen's voice is very good and his style of singing reminds me a lot of >Timo Kotipelto's style, especially on the Episode album. Also the tone of his voice is very close to Kotipelto's.
To summarize, Wasteland is a good album and if anyone is going to say that we have heard this kind of music from many bands before, just ignore him and enjoy this album. It does not matter if their music sounds familiar to us because many bands are playing this kind of music. The point is that we have heard a good album from a good band and that anyone who likes this music will like it.
-Albums Highlights: The Next Call, Search For Grace and Father's Cave

3 Star Rating

Weak Generation
The Next Call
Search For Grace
King Of The Wasteland
Time Has Come
Father's Cave
Rocka Rolla
The Wraith
Vesa Virtanen - Vocals
Carl-Johan Gustafsson - Guitars
Mikko Tång - Bass
Henri Suominen - Drums
Jari Pailamo - Keyboards
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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