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Twilight Opera - Descension (CD)

Twilight Opera
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 01 July 2007, 8:12 PM

This is the fourth full length album of the Finnish band TWILIGHT OPHERA. In this particular album they cooperate with another group of musicians called the ORDER OF THE SANGUINE DIADEM, which mostly contribute the atmospheric parts in the album. The band was actually formed a decade ago in the year 1996. They released their first promos in 1997 and from that time and on - after a few changes especially in the fields of vocals coverage. According to their web site this year humanity shall fall into lowest depths as TWILIGHT OPHERA has joined forces with the ORDER OF THE SANGUINE DIADEM to create the threnody of man,  “Descension .
If you like bands in the style of DIMMU BORGIR or other blackened shit then maybe you should dig into them. If your musical taste mostly matches ACCEPT or stuff like that these guys are kind of inappropriate to ya man! It is definitely worth the try to listen to this album especially if you like winter melancholy or you are a semi - depressive kind of person.
The extensive use of keyboards creates an almost frightening atmosphere while the guitars come along to complete the scenery. This style of music is not my first choice, so I am afraid I am not the most suitable person to describe or appreciate it in the first place. I think that this album is mostly addressed to fans of experimental music, which combines elements of black metal, operatic fragments and other kind of unique stuff.
Highlights of this album can be considered - amongst the other - the following ones:  “Charagma ,  “Hollow movements of flesh ,  “Suicide harlequin ,  “Mirage of moira ,  “Born of Brimstone womb  and  “Sanguine diadem .

3 Star Rating

Hollow Movements Of Flesh
Suicide Harlequin
Mirage Of Moira
Born Of Brimstone Womb
Sulphur Spiral
Sanguine Diadem
Wraith Reveries
Silhouettes Of Paradox Craft
Toni Naykki
Mikko Hakkinen
Timo Puranen
Aleksi Ahokas (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
Janne Ojala (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
Micko Hell (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
H.J. Villberg (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
Karri TacEre (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
Lord Heikkinen (The Order Of The Sanguine Diadem)
Record Label: Low Frequency Records


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