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Twinspirits - The Music That Will Heal The World (CD)

The Music That Will Heal The World
by Yiannis Zervos at 25 October 2007, 3:08 PM

TWINSPIRITS is a prog metal band from Padova, Italy. The man behind the curtain, Daniele Liverani, is a well known keyboardist from his resent work on the progressive rock opera Genius. Liverani put together a nice selection of musicians from Italy and, along with the cold Scandinavian voice of Soren Nico Adamsen from Denmark, brought to life The Music That Will Heal The World.
The album opens with the instrumental piece Projected, just to clarify TWINSPIRITS's intentions of playing pure progressive metal music. Then Back To Reality kicks in smoothly, with Adamsen's voice a little bit high in the final mix but clear and powerful. From the first intro DREAM THEATER's influences are obvious to the listener, from the explicit drumming and the vocal melodies. You know, in order to play that kind of music you need to be a musician of a certain level, and as far as TWINSPIRITS go, they are. The 19-year-old guitar player Tommy Ermolli, who works with Liverani from the age of 14, is certainly a 'wonder boy' on the 6-string fretboard, while Alberto Rigoni on bass and Dario Ciccioni on drums put together the steady and unexpected rhythm section that a prog band needs. (Ciccioni also made the cover and artwork for The Music That Will Heal The World). The tools are in the hands of Daniele Liverani to create the best music possible, maybe music that will heal the world, who knows.
The songlist flows without big changes in the music style and attitude of TWINSPIRITS, until Power To Kill where things get rough, edgy and the vocals become brutal. The songs starts with the sound of a gun ready to shoot, then the galloping rhythm and the progressive metal turns to power metal. Power To Kill is the fastest song of the album; that is why it is the shortest,  time wise . All the other songs of The Music That Will Heal The World are in 7-plus minutes.
Clearly, TWINSPIRITS is a band that has many abilities to experiment on deferent levels and in the future they will. Good music or Music That Will Heal The World can be made by talented musicians and creative people like Daniele Liverani. A tender embrace coming from your arms, your minds have become calm and so relaxed. This music now is entering in your hearts. Remember: it's the music that will heal the world.

3 Star Rating

Back To Reality
What You Want
Take My Hand
Power To Kill
It's Just Life
The Music That Will Heal The World
Soren Nico Adamsen - Vocals
Tommy Ermolli - Guitar
Daniele Liverani - Keyboards
Alberto Rigoni - Bass
Dario Ciccioni - Drums
Record Label: Lion Music


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