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Two Face Sinner – Spiritual Nemesis

Two Face Sinner
Spiritual Nemesis
by Santiago Puyol at 30 May 2020, 9:42 PM

"Spiritual Nemesis" is the sophomore full-length by Peruvian Blackened Death Metal band TWO FACE SINNER, following the 2015’s debut –and aptly titled– "Peccatum Originale." This band incorporates some elements from Thrash and Progressive Metal onto their Black and Death Metal fusion, with a slight Hardcore energy at times.

Opener "Invoking Evil" comes at you right out of the bat with its fast-paced insanity. The riffing style fuses elements of Black, Death and Thrash in a fashionable manner, while Joe Hoyle gets to be a beast behind the drumkit. The track takes a couple of shifts into its structure never repeating itself, and even lay down a groovy outro. It seems some slight Andean folk melodic influences appear here when it comes to guitar work.

"Stanic Altar" comes next, a brutal and dramatic track that uses clean-ish Thrash-style spoken word to convey a sense of melodrama. Hoyle contributes some nasty drum fills on the slightly atmospheric middle section of the song, while everything explodes into a Post Black Metal coda with outstanding lead guitar work and melodic soloing.

Some Middle Eastern-tingled riffing appear on "God Sun", a vicious banger, while "Servants Of Blind Faith" takes its time slowly building from its intro. It ends up exploding into more fast-paced banging. Some complex and brutal drumming on this track, as well as a gorgeous use of tapping on the guitar solo. More Thrash influences appear on the drumming while the band puts a heavy emphasis on Black Metal style guitar work, especially on the lengthy outro of the track.

"Army Of Me" covers a lot of ground in less than three minutes and a half, carrying some slight bluesy undertones, shifting time signatures and tempos, as does "God Of The Masses," a Black Metal-tingled banger with frantic drumming and textured guitar work. Taking more time to deliver is "Triumphant Satan." After some noisy samples and nasty, clean-ish arpeggios on the intro, it burst into noisy and heavily syncopated madness. "Satan" has a bit of a swingy feel thanks to its 6/8 time signature.

Hardcore influences appear on "Chants Of Hate," as well as more folk-tingled riffing. It is a track with truly playful and dynamic drumming that grows toward an explosive final third. Second to last track, "Ode To Destruction" is perfectly placed on the tracklist, functioning as a lengthy prelude to the final track. The vocal layering enhances the evil nature of the song, as it feels haunted by voices appearing and disappearing from the mix. There is also a communal feel to these characters, several evil entities or maybe souls in pain singing this brutal ode together.

Closer "Mother Death" begins with a sole bell pounding atop soft ambient samples. Another track with a slow building intro and chugging verses. Being almost eight minutes long and going through several moods, it has a bit of a Progressive Metal vibe. It also allows for the band to show off a little bit. There is some nasty bass playing and a bit of a percussive breakdown three minutes in. The guitar work on the final solo feels a little bit inspired by David Gilmour, something that surely fits the mood of the song’s outro, especially considering the bed of synthesized strings underneath the heavy playing of the band. An epic closer that sounds like an invocation of sorts. Conjuring Death itself, maybe.

TWO FACE SINNER deliver a solid record with "Spiritual Nemesis," a powerful, brutal and enjoyable slice of Blackened Death Metal. With an adequate production, strong songwriting and top-notch musicianship it makes for a vicious ride. Get you head banging as you listen to this Peruvian quartet and pay attention to what is coming next from them.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Invoking Evil
2. Stanic Altar
3. God Sun
4. Servants Of Blind Faith
5. Army Of Me
6. God Of The Masses
7. Triumphant Satan
8. Chants Of Hate
9. Ode To Destruction
10. Mother Death
Numa – Vocals & Guitars
Arún – Guitars
Joe Hoyle – Drums
Set – Bass
Record Label: Non Serviam Records


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