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Ty Morn - Istor Award winner

Ty Morn
by Rachel Montgomery at 05 June 2019, 10:21 PM

TY MORN is the brainchild of musician Aron Biale. Based in the UK, Biale set out to work with several guest artists to make his debut album, “Istor.” While as of this writing, TY MORN only has 347 likes on Facebook, it’s sure to grow as word gets out about this wonderfully produced, stunning debut album.

The album starts off with “Reign of the Hunter,” a heavy, fast song that begins with symphonics and then kicks it up with a punchy riff and fast melodies. Already, the thematic elements in the lyrics are clear, and I love the extra punch and bombast they put in the chorus.

The second track, “Hey Poseidon” starts off more anthemically and changes the style so it doesn’t sound exactly like the song that preceded it. Again, the strong thematic elements come through and that’s due to the incredible production. As someone who majored in literature in college, I appreciated the ode to "The Odyssey" as well as the recitation from Homer’s epic in the middle of the song.

The third song, “Die Where We Stand,” comes in with some Nordic ambiance in the beginning before picking up into its powerful riffs. Of the songs so far, this feels the most like a “Viking Metal” song, especially the anthemic chorus and Norse background music.

The next track, “Fall on Your Sword,” starts out strong. While it’s slow and pounding at first, it has some faster elements, especially the wonderful sweeps in the solo. Also, the singer’s voice is incredibly clear and deep on this track, and the next one, “The Language of Beasts”. Beasts is a slower track, and close to a ballad. I especially love the pounding drums and faster-paced guitar solo contrasting the rest of the steady song.

The opening of “Kings of Dishonour” has a doom-metal vibe to it, especially the riff, which sounds like it incorporates a tri-tone (this is metal, it wouldn’t be surprising). It’s slower than the last track and more somber, especially when they bring in acoustic guitars for a ballad sound near the end. Again, the sweeps in the solo are a nice contrast to the steady, slow melody throughout.

“Bring Forth the Night” picks up the pace again with some background narration going straight into a fast, heavy intro. The operatic quality of the vocals is… not terrible, but it’s overdone in the genre, and I prefer his gravelly, Dave Mustaine style better. However, I love it at the end of the song when he soars into his beautiful upper register.

I like the creepy vibe from “Harvest of Souls”. Again, the concept comes through thanks to great production and great use of background. I love the melody change in the solo and just the overall use of music and ambient background noises to create a spooky and over-the-top power metal song. It’s my favorite on this album.

The final track, “Hunt Leviathan” is an obvious reference and a fitting theme for the end song (thinking as a Literature scholar, Moby Dick ends with the pursuit of the whale). I love how the first verse starts off light and ethereal and tunnels into this heavy chorus.

Overall, it’s a beautifully produced album with a gifted singer, wonderful instrumentals, and clear, thematic elements that utilize both lyrics and clear, ambient background sounds. While it’s not a wholly original sound, it’s enough of a powerhouse to earn high praise. I wish Aron Biale the best as he continues his music career, and to keep up the incredible work!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Reign of the Hunter
2. Hey Poseidon
3. Die Where We Stand
4. Fall on Your Sword
5. The Language of Beasts
6. Kings of Dishonour
7. Bring Forth the Night
8. Harvest of Souls
9. Hunt Leviathan
Aron Biale - Keys and Orchestration
Guest Artists:
Raphael Gazal – Vocals
Per Mikkelson – Drums
Eric Maldonado, Rafael Sequera, Simone Cacace, Federico Tarquini, Greg Studley, Yarn Levi - Guitars
Eugene Moiseinko – Organ
Record Label: Independent


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