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Tygers of Pan Tang - Majors & Minors Award winner

Tygers of Pan Tang
Majors & Minors
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 March 2021, 7:27 AM

NWOBHM wasn’t a fair musical movement. Let’s speak the truth without passionate opinions: can someone say that IRON MAIDEN and DEF LEPPARD were really the best bands in the UK back in those days? It’s not if their music is good or not, but there were thousands of excellent bands that, if had the same chance, things could be different. One of them is the legendary quintet TYGERS OF PAN TANG, from Whitley Bay, England, and their albums “Wild Cat” (1980), “Spellbound” (1981), “Crazy Nights” (1981) and “The Cage” (1982) are Heavy Metal classics the many Metalheads must hear at any cost. But if they never reached a great commercial success, they always released great albums, and “Majors & Minors” comes to celebrate their career.

This release is, in reality, a compilation of what they released on the past 13 years, or in other words, material from the albums “Animal Instinct” (2008), “Ambush” (2012), “Tygers of Pan Tang” (2016) and “Ritual” (2019), and some material that never came to the light of day, or other never released versions. And their traditional Heavy Metal with hooking influences from 70’s classic Hard Rock, full of excellent melodic hooks, and a perfect balance between weight, aggressiveness and melodies in a particular way that these tigers bears since their early days. The sound quality is really very good, but as this is a compilation, the best is to see that there are many things to be seen: new liner notes written by all the members, and amazing art created by Roberto Toderico (the one who previously worked with ASPHYX, ARTILLERY, SINISTER, and that is the same who works with them since the other compilation, “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave”, released in 2015). And be prepared, because “Majors & Minors” will be releases in limited 180 g vinyl editions (in different colors, that are marble grey, marble white, marble yellow).

The CD version will bring a new song, “Plug Me In” (a frantic Hard ‘n’ Heavy Metal, with hooking melodies and excellent guitars), a different version for “Spoils of War” (with an orchestral mix), “What You Say” (a heavy and catchy song, full of great melodies and charming vocals, and it was originally part of the EP “Only the Brave”). But the other songs are amazing, as the classic “Only the Brave” (the energy that flows from this song in incredible, with a heavy work on bass guitar and drums parts, along with excellent vocals and backing vocals), the accessible ones “Destiny” and “She” (the contrasts between guitars and vocals is excellent), the melodic grasp of “Worlds Apart” and “Let It Burn”, the crude catchy melodies of “White Lines” and “Keeping Me Alive” (a song with TYGERS OF PAN TANG musical DNA, showing that there’s linearity between their past albums and the last ones, with an organic feeling and a powerful bass guitar and drums playing), and the raw energy that flows from “Hot Blooded” can be said that this release is worthy the old saying: ‘shut up and take my money’. And by the way: the vinyl version will have an exclusive version for “Keeping Me Alive” recorded in 2018.

Once more: if the chances could be right in the early years of the 80’s, maybe TYGERS OF PAN TANG could be a third force from NWOBHM. But things didn’t happen in such a way, but at least they’re here, and their music still as good as it always.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Only the Brave
2. Destiny
3. She
4. Never Give In
5. Worlds Apart
6. Glad Rags
7. Let It Burn
8. White Lines
9. The Devil You Know
10. Keeping Me Alive
11. Hot Blooded
12. Damn You!
13. Spoils of War (Orchestral Mix)
14. What You Say
15. Plug Me In
Iacopo (Jack) Meille - Vocals
Robb Weir - Guitars
Francesco Marras - Guitars
Gav Gray - Bass
Craig Ellis - Drums  
Record Label: Mighty Music


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