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Type O Negative - Dead Again (CD)

Type O Negative
Dead Again
by Ian Kaatz at 29 April 2007, 3:44 PM

TYPE O NEGATIVE have always been a band that I have enjoyed though I have never really gotten into them.  I own the classics Origin of Feces and Bloody Kisses, but I don't think that I have ever given them a fair listen.  Hearing that this was supposed to be a really aggressive superior album it really intrigued me and made me want to sit down with this release and give it a thorough review.
This where the bio section would normally be, but if you listen to heavy metal or even hard rock or whatever you should know who TYPE O NEGATIVE is, and if you don't please click on the link above to go to their official website.
The title track begins the album and it appears as if Peter is back and is pissed as is indicated by the interviews he gave to pre-album release.  Dead Again to me sounds like an old school TYPE O track even though I may not be the most devote TYPE O fan I know what fury and aggression can and should be there.  Tripping A Blind Man  keeps the pace going with another speedy number, but this number combines both sides of TYPE O in addition.  The song also includes parts that are heavy on the keys and Peter's slower crooning.  The Profit of Doom, one of my favorite tracks from the album, is borderline Doom since it so slow and plodding not that it is a bad thing by any means; to me this is TYPE O at its best.  Another mix tempo track is September Sun where Kenny really has his vocal style stand out.  Kenny lets out some really awesome screams to go along with Peter's much more drone style that he uses in this song.  Not only does Kenny shine at points in this song, but so does Josh with a totally wicked solo in about half way though as well as just creating that atmosphere that he does it is truly beautiful or ugly depending on how you want to look at it.  Halloween In Heaven (this track is dedicated to Dimebag) is really great track that combines all the aspects I have mentioned thus far from mid-tempo, to drone style vocals, and faster double bass parts.  Then this track also adds another curve ball being a female guest who I can't seem to find the name of anywhere.  I didn't find the second half of the album to be as interesting the first half, but it sounded pretty similar.
TYPE O have succeeded in releasing another solid release.  While this release is nothing groundbreaking it is absolutely solid from start to finish.  I would recommend is release to any fan of TYPE O since I believe it has a little bit of everything incorporated into from old to new.  With the addition of this album to the catalogue I hope to get more into TYPE O since I enjoyed this one so much I am going to go back and listen again to the older material.

4 Star Rating

Dead Again
Tripping a Lbind Man
The Profits Of Doom
September Sun
Halloween In Heaven
These Three Things
She Burned Me Down
Some Stupid Tomorrow
An Ode To Locksmiths
Hail And Farewell To Britain
Peter Steele - Bass & Vocals
Josh Silver - Keyboards
Kenny Hickey - Guitars
Johnny Kelley - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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