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Typhus - Mass Produced Perfection

Mass Produced Perfection
by John Foley at 11 September 2020, 8:12 AM

Coming from Athens we have the new release from Greek thrashers TYPHUS with their new album Mass Produced Perfection which was released last month in August. These guys like to incorporate all those elements from the old school thrash metal bands from the mid 80’s. so if you like your double bass drums pounding and your riffs fast than this is the album for you. Kicking things off is “Serpents of an Aberrant Reality” which right from the start gives you a sense of danger. Then the band hits you with full on metal madness and some howling vocals. With its killer riffs, awesome drumming and decent guitar solo this is a strong opening track.

“Dyatlov Pass” is next on our list and opens with a drum fill that really hooks you in. The track has some good guitar work and some great work with the double bass pedal on the drums. Decent track I must say. With a really cool bass line for the intro we get “Krieg-Sanity”. The guitars seem to match the bass perfectly here. This one is filled with great sections and lead guitar parts. Played very clean and melodic “Assimilate” sort of acts as an intro track to our next one in “Asylum of Deviants”. The second this track starts we are bombarded with heavy thrash metal playing that just takes over from the previous track. It has some catchy riffin’ and a twin guitar harmony that leads us to the solo and back again. Very cool tune.

The last song on the album is “Faith Machinery” and its intro has a real SLAYER feel to it. Some cool riffin’ that is complimented well with the drumming. You can really hear the circle pits opening up for this track, especially with the guitar work for the song middle section. With this one the band are really going out with a bang. TYPHUS have a very old school thrash metal sound. The double bass on the drums are really cool here on Mass Produced Perfection. The vocals really howl over the songs here and you can really hear the bands influences on the songs. It’s a pretty good thrash metal album.

Song Writing: 7
Musicianship: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Serpents of an Aberrant Reality
2. Dyatlov Pass
3. Terrorzone
4. Krieg-Sanity
5. In Our Image, After Our Likeness
6. Assimilate
7. Asylum of Deviants
8. Pride Breaker
9. Faith Machinery
Kostas Korg – Bass and Lead Vocals
Kostas Foukarakis – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Socrates Alexiou – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Dimitris Ginis – Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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