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Tyr - Eric The Red (CD)

Eric The Red
by Amy La Salla at 02 March 2005, 8:10 AM

Tyr is an exciting young Metal band from the Faroes, a group of islands in Scandinavia. I am very grateful to the friend who introduced me to their music. (You know who you are!)
This band has an excellent knowledge of dynamics, no doubt from their classical influences, and frequently goes back and forth between intricate and beautiful guitar-work to slightly crunchy riffery.  The solos are amazing and give you the need to be moving. Tyr's music reminds me a bit of what Christmas carols would be if they were taken over by a terrifying metallica beast.
Heri Joensen has taken over vocal duties after Pol Arni Holm (their old singer) left the band between albums. His voice is actually better than the original singer's, deeper and more powerful. The lyrics are good and they sing more of the album in their own language than last time. It is an interesting combination that I like.
Song by song breakdown:
The Edge is my favorite song on Eric The Red. It is a heavy song with dark, satisfying riffs, outstanding lead-work and powerful vocals. It makes you want to sing along and headbang, only you can't decide which to do!
Regin Smidur begins with the eerie call of horns. Then the horns grow silent and the song is taken over by a catchy beast of a song that is traditional Faroese, only taken to the extreme with aggressive and hypnotic guitar-work.
Dreams is a dynamic song, sometimes crunchy and urgent sounding, other times soft, clear and sad. It pierces your heart like an arrow. It is my second favorite song on Eric The Red. Dreams tells us why Tyr writes about history and myths.
The Wild Rover is a cover of a traditional Irish song. It is cheerful and yet tense.  The guitar-work is good and fun and the singing is much more aggressive than I expected (I have heard the original).
Styrisvolurin is a moody tune with aggressive rhythm and lead-work raining over you like waves.  The vocals are beautiful and desperate. The CD sleeve doesn't include an English translation of this track.
Olavur Riddararos begins with some interesting drumming. Don't panic, it's not a long drum solo, just a cool intro. The guitar-work is varied, fast and cool on this song. It is about love and death.
Rainbow Warrior is in a lower pitch than most of the songs on Eric The Red. The guitar-work is fun and crunchy, with lots of cool lead guitar. The vocals are especially eye-catching on this song. Rainbow Warrior is about mortality.
Ramund Hin Unge is a cover of a traditional Danish song. It is a dynamic tune with a lovely melody. It is about a hero.
Alive is a dynamic song with astonishing guitar-work. Tyr's unique vocal style stands out perhaps the most on this track. It is about chasing after your dreams.
The title track is a dynamic song. I do not feel that the different parts of this song gel together as well as the restsongs on the album do. It is never bad but I would have chosen another track to name the record after. Eric The Red is about using people's need for something to believe in against them.
Eric The Red is a good CD to think to or to just listen and lay back and daydream. There is more than enough going on to hold your attention if you are concentrating on the music but is not so busy that it loses its jam factor. I recommend them highly to fans of progressive and neoclassical music.

3 Star Rating

The Edge
Regin Smidur
The Wild Rover
Olavur Riddararos
Rainbow Warrior
Ramund Hin Unge
Eric the Red
Heri Joensen - Vocals & Guitars
Terji Skibenaes - Guitars
Gunnar H. Thomsen - Bass
Kari Streymoy - Drums
Record Label: Tutl


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