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Tyranex - Extermination Has Begun

Extermination Has Begun
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 May 2011, 10:55 AM

Like a sharp saw blade that cuts through flesh, there was no escape from running from the steel chainsaw of this young Swedish old school group. In Metal music, the saw like cutting feel hasn't been distributed only by the cutting edge sound but also with the music that bears that sound. TYRANEX, from the howling streets of Stockholm, has been sawing the European Metal scene with the sounds of the classic 80s Metal by means of evilness and aggressive kind of attitude.

Taking their musical influences from early Speed, Thrash and Heavy Metal, this trio, led by the evil mistress Linnea Landstedt, made its debut with a malevolent slaughtering release under their new old school French label, Inferno Records. "Extermination Has Begun" is a cry in the name of old school Metal. It represents the first barren ground where undying bands as DESTRUCTION, EXCITER, ENFORCER, SLAYER, and TESTAMENT fed the raw minds of this trio to create mayhem and chaos.

In general, TYRANEX did a good composing work on this album as it didn't sound too banal and formed some wild killing moments of wonderful technical playing while keeping a sense of class. Suckers for old school riffages and high pitched vocals will have their fair share of combustion out of some of the tunes lined up. However, even with the band's rather great work on the album, I found most of the material pretty normal for the era they presented. Not that this is not good and man this trio had some peak moments, especially where solos are involved. Let's just say that I didn't expect that much from a band in that caliber, meaning that it all summed up if they hit with the majority of their tunes or not.

When I first started listening to the album, the opening "The Weak Strike Back" did strike me hard in the face, yet, everything seemed like a total mess. I blame it mainly on the production that at first seemed disorganized as it was hard to distinguish between the instruments. However, the picture cleared after a few moments of unmerciful speed. Probably the symbols took control over the other channels. Fortunately that is wasn't that of a biggie. That same track did carve the way for the full scale assault to begin, yet, it didn't kill me as "As The Cross Crumbles" did.

Such pure evil, with a rather good old school quality, is hard to find nowadays. DESTRUCTION would probably be proud for sure as this baby had such a feeling of the band's earlier demos and some of the "Infernal Devastation" album. Furthermore, this track, along with others as well, affirmed the band's lead vocalist / guitarist, Linnea Landstedt, as one of the greatest prospects of both vocal and guitar practice. "Tormentor"was also another great track. It really reminded me of a weird combo between early EXCITER along with the likes of ENFORCER. So who said that Speed Metal died? If there are any speculations out there, there is the answer. "Road To Damnation" is one of the greatest evilized Heavy Metal tracks I heard in a while. Such untamed power is good for the soul to absorb. The mid tempo riffages, even some that I heard time and time before, were quite addictive and the lead guitar licks were excellent. Also, with this track I have to once again mention the great vocal abilities of Landstedt that made another evil experience.

I think that TYRANEX is a band with a lot of potential and they made a fine start. They made the 80s come alive with lots of power, loosen image and morbidity. "Extermination Has Begun"is a good album that might draw the attention of old school fans. I judge that the next release will be even a stronger killer. 

3 Star Rating

1. The Weak Strike Back
2. The Curse
3. As The Cross Crumbles
4. Dreamland
5. None So Cruel
6. Tormentor
7. Awakening The Dead
8. Road To Damnation
9. Extermination Has Begun 
Linnea Landstedt - Vocals / Guitars
Stefan Thylander - Bass
Johannes Lindström - Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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