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Tyranex - Unable To Tame

Unable To Tame
by Andrew Green at 03 November 2014, 8:53 AM

Riff wielding Swedish speed metallers TYRANEX are armed to the teeth and they refuse to hold back. Firing their entire arsenal at you with blistering pace, any listener stands little chance of escaping their attack as they will be pulled into a violent head bang instantly; with horns raised in salute to the thrashy uncut sound the band throw out. Scratchy guitars full of gain combine with rapid sticksman Johannes Lindstrom to give a sound relatable in ways to that of metal figure heads IRON MAIDEN; with a little more thrash injected into the mix.

Catchy licks and riffs are thrown from all corners whilst front-woman Linnea Landstedt belts out a ‘glass-cut’ scream that really gives the band a unique sound. Slightly melodic in places, her voice will resonate with the audience and reserve a place in their long term memory. And while all of this is going on, the group point-blank refuse to slow down. I can only assume that Nino Vukovic’s picking hand runs on a piston mechanism, or he has far too much free time (cough).

The album kicks off with “Bloodlust and War” which acts brilliantly as a blurb for the rest of the record, wasting no time in cracking out a sprint-paced riff with a lovely hook to it. The appropriately named “Unable to Tame” precedes and this features the band take off on an absolute instrumental rampage, like an enraged bull in a very narrow hallway; this is a personal favourite. Track 07 entitled “Victims” is another stand-alone piece and when listening I was transported to a badly furnished greasy bar, where shattering your glass tankard over the head of your nearest companion is not only condoned, but encouraged. Filthy thrashy speed metal.
It’s difficult to pick an outstanding fault with this album, not impossible but difficult. These guys are great at what they do, they have a solid sound that’s vintage and old school in its outset with great precision. I’m not really into speed metal, but I enjoyed listening and they kept me entertained. There are OBVIOUSLY imperfections and things not to be liked, but I’ll let you find them for yourself. Nobody’s perfect, but TYRANEX are pretty damn good.

4 Star Rating

1. Bloodlust and War
2. Unable to Tame
3. Chasing Death
4. Witches Gathering
5. Take the Torch
6. Invasion of evil
7. Victims
8. Into Darkness
Linnea Landstedt - Guitars, Vocals
Per Lindstrom - Bass
Johannes Lindstrom - Drums
Nino Vukovic - Guitars
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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