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Tyrann - Shadows Of Leng (CD)

Shadows Of Leng
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 March 2009, 7:43 PM

Norway's TYRANN release their debut album, offering filthy lessons of Black/Thrash Metal the way they're committed to. Initially called a 'side' project for Draugluin, soon to be shaped as a trio willing to spread nuclear fire under the influence of bands like early BATHORY, (old) SODOM/VENOM/CELTIC FROST. Featuring Seidemann (1349) on bass and Draugluin's old comrade Antichristian (from the TSJUDER days), TYRANN unleash their beast and…
…provide an interesting album full of blackened atmosphere but also thrashin' obsession (the primitive/vicious side of early Thrash Metal, of course). If there could be a theoretical comparison with bands like e.g. AURA NOIR or 1349, we'd say TYRANN stand on a nearby level. Truth is there are times you may think there's not a firm coherence in the music (especially in slow-pace breaks that appear after blastbeatin' verses; not matching fine always) while the guitar parts (the leads, mainly) seem to be quite juvenile, but the overall result - I think - is good enough. Close to the Norwegian Black Metal ideals but with nostalgia for the 'evil chaos' side of Thrash Metal, even in if more 'comfortable' and less carnivorous.
The production helps so, since an extreme metalhead shall bow to the sound's primeval profanity, and the mix gives justice to the instrumentation. TYRANN cleverly does not fall in the trap of building up something willing-to-be majestic but they do not, on the other hand, accept the 100% primitive Black Metal manual. This can possibly have to do with the fact that, even if we're talking about a debut album, all members have past experience in a relative field (especially Seidemann).
You should not expect Shadows Of Leng to blow you away (something that's not out of the question, though). The riffing is very good, Draugluin's throat can wake/summon malevolent thoughts and specific breaks will make your bang your head to the old-fashioned way. You may regard this album to be a 'safe' path on a pattern often expressed in extreme Metal music the last years, still it's possible TYRANN have the way to by-pass nasty thoughts and offer you some sonic holocaust dressed in pure filth.

3 Star Rating

Trial By Fire
Dreams Of R'Lyeh
Black Moon
Grave Dreamer
Draugluin - Guitars, Vocals
Seidemann - Bass, Backing Vocals
Antichristian - Drums
Record Label: Dark Essence/Karisma Records


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