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Tyranno – March Of Death

March Of Death
by Thomas Kumke at 07 October 2020, 6:17 PM

TYRANNO hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are a Death/Thrash Metal band. They were formed in 2014 and released 1 EP and now the second full-length album after their debut in 2017. The band plays a combination of old school Death Metal and Thrash Metal and their role models are bands like VENOM, SLAYER or HELLHAMMER. “March Of Death” was released via Portuguese label Helldprod Records which is specialized in Death, Black, and Thrash Metal. The album has a total length of almost 41 minutes.

After the title track which is a short intro, the onslaught of old school Thrash and Death Metal begins with “Anger”. Mostly played at blistering speed with simple but effective guitar riffs and chords as well as hammering drums. The vocals remind on the young and raw voice of Tom G. Warrior (ex-HELLHAMMER, ex-CELTIC FROST). “Anger” has a mid-tempo break where the sound is boosted by a background keyboard. “Heading To The Coven” and “Dead Brain, Livng Skull” sound in principle similar compared to “Anger” just with variations in speed. “Heading To The Coven” contains more breaks where high-speed attacks frequently change with darker mid-tempo sequences.

The middle part of “March Of Death” has a couple of slower songs that are entirely kept mid-tempo with “Black Star” and “Harder”. “Black Star” sounds very familiar to an old CELTIC FROST classic. A refreshing change in sound takes place in “Among Damneds And Fools” which is a 2 minutes instrumental, slow, powerful, and very dark. With “Praise The Horns”, TYRANNO return to their familiar territory of high speed, raw, and simple Thrash Metal.

The final part of “March Of Death” follows the same patterns as the rest of the album. “Black Death” includes the typical breaks and tempo changes, the simple chords and one of the few memorable guitar solos. “In The Dead Hour” is again a homage on CELTIC FROST. TYRANNO finish it off with a blistering speed attack in “Fool Dethroned”.

There is no official video release yet, however, the label uploaded “March Of Death”/”Anger” on YouTube.

March Of Death” is an aggressive, old school approach to Death and Thrash Metal. TYRANNO do not reinvent the wheel, they clearly follow the path of their heroes. It is, however, interesting to listen how the band mix the highly paced songs with mid-tempo breaks or vice-versa. In addition, they introduce occasionally pianos and keyboards which contributes to a more variable sound. Both elements make the sound of the album less predictable. The production of “March Of Death” is less solid, the sound of the album reminds me on early demos. Whether on purpose or not, it contributes to the rawness of the sound. Fans of early CELTIC FROST mixed with the speed of SODOM will surely like “March Of Death”.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. March Of Death
2. Anger
3. Heading To The Coven
4. Dead Brain, Living Skull
5. Black Star
6. Harder
7. Among Damneds And Fools
8. Praise The Horns
9. Cold Embrace
10. Black Death
11. In The Dead Hour
12. Fool Dethroned
Dyd Bastard – Vocals, Guitars
Bitch Hünter – Drums
Michelle Diabolic – Bass
Record Label: Helldprod Records


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