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Tyrant - The Existential Reversal Award winner

The Existential Reversal EP
by Kyle Scott at 14 August 2018, 8:24 PM

TYRANT ruled a portion of their Death scene in Edmonton, gathering an army of loyal fans for their performances, and are still well renowned. Gaining a well-known reputation for their sound within the course of a year since they began is probably the most impressive part. Determined to top their efforts on their last release “Limitations, The Existential Reversal EP” has three songs of unwavering, bestial rage. With the strength of ten King’s armies, TYRANT storms the battlefield and surrounds the castle on all sides. There isn’t a man left standing at the end of “The Existential Reversal”, and there isn’t anyone brave enough to challenge them.

“Flesh Candle” has a suitably ghoulish title, quick and angry blast beats and bitter, snarling vocals that spit pure acid. The song stands tall and imposing, unafraid to throw its weight about to impart who is boss amid the blazing ruins it created in its wake. A reeling guitar solo shrieks and twirls amid a chanting chorus swirling in the fiery remains. It is a dark song that screams, “I want to watch you burn!”.

“Spoils of Decimation” gets rolling immediately, careening blind and wild into a chaotic world of monstrous growling and speed demon drum tracks. An adrenaline-soaked middle track that fades quietly to make room for the final track, “Feast Upon Death’s Failure”. A sad, screaming track of a dirge that features cannibalistic vocals trying to drown one another out in a horrific frenzy. Frets of a lonesome guitar howl away during a brief interlude before being slingshot back into the moshing fray of the bestial vocals. It’s a brutal way to go.

TYRANT is as ruthless and angry as they make themselves out to be, and who knows how unforgiving Hell they will subject to their mass of subjects next when they release their next album.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Flesh Candle
2. Spoils of Decimation
3. Feast Upon Death’s Failure
Marshal Dexter - Guitars
Brett Reid - Vocals
Robert Brinton - Guitars
Taylor Laroche - Bass
Kurtis Marceniuk - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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