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Tyrant - Reclaim The Flame (CD)

Reclaim The Flame
by Grigoris Chronis at 10 December 2007, 2:06 PM

So, another release dedicated to buried nostalgia. So what? So fuckin' what? Even if you call it funny, quaint or naive, albums like Reclaim The Flame reminds us of the times Metal music was fast, in-your-face and evil. Plus, you have one more chance to recall (for the old ones) or confirm (for the newbies) why the hell Metal music was revolutionary and drop-out once upon a time. You old-school die-hards, TYRANT and Reclaim The Flame needs solid guts to deal with. Armageddon is here…
There must have been more than a hundred bands named as 'TYRANT' in the metallic history pages. 80s US Metal legions TYRANT did deliver two kick-ass spikes-meets-leather albums in 1985 (Legions Of The Dead) and 1987 (Too Late To Pray), the German same-named metallers acted between 1983 and 1990 offering classic albums like Mean Machine (1984) and Running Hot (1987), JAG PANZER's initial name was TYRANT plus doom Metal gods SAINT VITUS were named as such in their 1979 obscure-as-hell cassette demo. And the list goes on. The 'TYRANT' word is equivalent to something bombastic, straightforward, gloomy and hellish; objections overruled.
Sweden's TYRANT are no juveniles in the world of steel. Bassist Daniel Ekeroth is the author for the Swedish Death Metal encyclopedia (info), while the whole band has participated in numerous famous or infamous bands like THE BLACK, VINTERLAND, ARCANA and INSISION. Reclaim The Flame may be TYRANT's first full-length release but form the cover artwork and only you can assume something wicked this way comes. Black colour, two crosses upside down and a snake lurking in between. Mamma mia…
Music: are you morbid? Are you into VENOM, EXCITER, EXORCIST, HELLHAMMER/(early) CELTIC FROST, IMMORTAL and 'heavy' DARKTHRONE (similarities, not as an influence!), BATHORY, WARFARE and RAZOR/PILEDRIVER or (even) DISCHARGE and AMEBIX? Need no other data; go grab the fuckin' CD! For the unfaithful: TYRANT flirt with the volcanic sound of the early (or should I say 'pre-') Thrash/Black Metal ideals; filthy and chaotic production, fuzzy vocals and messy guitars/bass/drums. Someone not willing to explore the release date of this CD would easily assume the album was originally released in 1985. The songs are equally featuring elements you've already heard in other Black (no majestic, no atmospheric, no nothing like this) or Thrash Metal bands (no Bay Area grooves at all) and it'll be not difficult at all to find yourself banging your head till you drop, while raising your hands to the sky for the ultimate sacrifice in front of the altar.
The album's duration is short enough (for today's standards): 28 minutes of pure mayhem. If you see this as a drawback, just go get a 'triple deluxe 3-D cover full release' CD of your average today's band and let us all old-fashioned victims rest in pieces. Else (while wrapping it up), Reclaim The Flame is raw, sinister, vice and archegonous. You've been warned…

4 Star Rating

The Rebirth… ( Reclaim The Flame )
Remain Enslaved
Hell Has Broken Loose
Restart With The Number 6.6.6.
Armageddon Is Here
Broken Spine
Tunes Of Hate
Harvest Hunger
D.F. Bragman - Vocals
P. Bjargo - Guitar
A. Jonsson - Drums
D. Ekeroth - Bass
Record Label: Listenable Records


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