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Tyrants Blood - Coven Award winner

Tyrants Blood
by Keith "Zirra" Ham at 19 March 2014, 11:49 PM

It’s hard really for some bands to be classified under any, or one sub-genre, especially when they deal with lesser known labels. Why? Well, when it comes to bigger and badder (or, at least more financially stable) labels - genres seem to go in mainly straight lines. If you get a Black Metal band on Century Media - you get a Black Metal band. If you get a Death Metal band on Relapse - you get a Death Metal band. And that’s the end of it. However, with labels such as the ever-so-excellent Tridroid - which are far lesser known - you get some really crazy experimental stuff. And, most of the time you’ll end up surprised. With TYRANTS BLOOD’s ‘Coven’ you are pretty much getting the full brunt force of their entire discography. And though they label themselves as ‘Extreme Speed Metal’, TYRANTS BLOOD is so much more.

Throughout their years, TYRANTS BLOOD has really apparently packed a punch. Though, for some reason that punch seems to have been only felt very lightly in the overall scene - a extreme shame. I have search upwards and downwards for some trace of their existence and only found information regarding their album “Into The Kingdom Of Graves” - which is something unholy all on its own and the fact that they hail from Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada, just as I. Thankfully, with what I have heard - there is no low point for the band. What can be heard on “Into The Kingdom Of Graves” can be heard here - the, no doubt, definitive collection of their work.

What I can really appreciate about this release is that, even though the quality of TYRANTS BLOOD has really increased over time, the energy and intensity has remained. Production values waver a little, sure. But so barely that it doesn’t matter (this isn’t a major label release). Every track sort of frames the intensity of that particular section of their history. Though, really does this band have any non-intense songs? There really is no getting off the train with this band; these guys are going full force.

The only, not-really, downside of this TYRANTS BLOOD is that they sometimes just have weird moments where in the middle of some blazing blast beat ridden songs - there will be a sudden change to a calm Rock-ish guitar solo. I kid you not, and this plays into their indefinable nature. However, the experience really is liberating - for such an intense one - you can’t really blame a band for experimenting when they are all experimentation. Without hesitation, I have this album, this Collection, the rating it deserves.

4 Star Rating

1. Slaine the Berzerker
2. Slithering Into Exile
3. Prophecy
4. Cast Into Hell
5. Torn From the Sky
6. Destroyer
7. Riddle of Flesh
8. Merciless
9. Destruction Consuming
10. Wolfheart
11. Shadows
12. Deceiver
Brian Langley - Vocals
Vinnie Borden - Bass & vocals
Marco Banco - Guitar
Matt Modder - Drums
Record Label: Tridroid Records


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