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Tyron - Rebels Shall Conquer

Rebels Shall Conquer
by JOGANEGAR at 12 April 2017, 6:55 AM

TYRON is the conjunction of the words “typhoon” and “iron” and also the name of a German band founded in 2008 by guitarist Pavlos Batziakas and bassist Lars Kaufman and “Rebels Shall Conquer” is their 2016 debut after changing their name, and their style. To be honest I found the first tracks a little low on volume in comparison to the second half of the album as well as a lack of intensity in comparison to the already mentioned part. The fifth track is without a doubt, the best for me in this album. The intro is a full blown load of lead to head; a charge of epic proportions by a cavalry of guitar riffs, and drum rolls in a well-timed and perfectly synchronized double bass drum with the bass line.

The guitar solo is the final nail on the coffin of the imaginary enemy that this bone crunching song forced me to picture; the energy of this track is something worthy of a take no prisoners battle in the middle of a blood soaked field with the only goal being glory and the transcendence of name and fame through legends that will forever remain, TYRON acknowledge themselves as old school thrash metal, but approach Power Metal strongly in this track, however Pavlos Batziakas could use a variation on its tone from time to time, maybe some shrieks Rob Halford style could make this record take off sooner than this fifth track.

“Sick of it all” delivers an outstanding picking up of a pace that one could have felt got a bit monotonous after the six and a half too long “Maverick”; This fifth track is to me an extraordinary effort of an example of PANTERA and SLAYER and I would even dare to say even OBITUARY’s and TESTAEMENT’s legacy living on in one of today’s bands; Also one cannot deny the German Thrash influences in Pavlos Batziakas’ band. “Beast Inside” continues to deliver up until the end of the album a wisely structured song that evokes Tom Araya’s lyrics along with some Dave Mustaine like time changes and double bass drum interlude as well as energetically placed lyrics dedicated to all of those that seem to have a “Beast Inside.”

This is a great example of a debut album for a band that has decided to come forth with a more aggressive approach towards metal, and that is why it’s memorability to me is its greatest asset, for this band seems to have what it takes to pass the test of time, lineup changes aside as long as the true energy that promoted the change in the first place remains in the core of its foundations. Great riffs that prove to be a flow of creativity worthy of a second album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Men’s Fate
2. From prey to Predator
3. Murder
4. Maverick
5. Sick of it all
6. Blazing Trail
7. Beast Inside
8. Hollister Riot
Pavlos Batziakas – Vocals, Guitar
Andrey Shefer – Guitar
Lars Kaufmann – Bass
Andreas Mostl – Drums 
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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