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Tytus - Rain After Drought Award winner

Rain After Drought
by Kevin Burke at 06 January 2019, 8:57 AM

For sometime now there has been a plethora of downright amazing metal acts flowing-steadily out of Italy, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, BULLDOZER to name check just two from the vast abundance of aspiring steel warriors. One of the latest to come up on most radars is the quartet TYTUS, they return with the rich flames of classic speed-metal glowing brightly.  Soaked in riffs from the golden age, the latest and only second release by the band: “Rain After Drought”, shows a steady, mature growth since their 2017 debut-offering “Rises”.

Rain After Drought” opens with the reflective “Disobey”, this atmospheric track with reflective acoustic guitar passages eases you in before the heavyweight guitar riffs erupt in full.  It is the case that Italian Metal usually equals melodic stylings and this is a prime example of just that.   The guitars build tension nicely as the track lifts with the thunder of drums as it segues nicely into the intense “The Invisible”.  Here air guitars are dusted off as the listener is dragged into this world of old-foundation fresh-styled metal.

An identity of TYTUS exists in “The Dark Wave”, this track delivered at break-neck speed, the voice of Ilija Riffmeister is given the space to breathe fire.  His very unique vocals gives the album a quality of rawness which at times, on other modern releases loses impact beneath an intense production. That said, the band are incredible, guitarist Mark SimonHell certainly earns his keep, as the backbone of trigger happy drummer Frank Bardy and bassist Markey Moon retain the hardcore action throughout.

What catches the attention best is the title track, or tracks, split into two varying sections, the first an instrumental, “Rain After Drought -Part One”.  Here TYTUS go full on melodic courtesy of the dual-guitars piercing through the earlobes.  The second “-Part Two” a ballad style beginning, which switches gears with the glorious and hugely gratifying twin-guitar attack.  These are highly enjoyable sections of music, thrillers which keeps the flow of the album pushing forward with exceptional vigor.

Move On Over” is an eighties-revisited, full-on adventure, not one boring second or even misfire on this album.  You do get a sense that minus overdubs that this album was recorded live and captures a band in the studio hungry to get the attention of the world through their art.  It is that clear hunger that injects passion into the affair, TYTUS may run with the tried and tested method of speed metal but they do so stylishly with conviction.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Disobey
2. The Invisible
3. The Storm That Kill Us All
4. Our Time is Now
5. The Dark Wave
6. Death Throes
7. Rain After Drought - Pt.1
8. Rain After Drought - Pt.2
9. Move On Over
10. A Desolate Shell of a Man
Ilija Riffmeister – Vocals & Guitars
Mark SimonHell – Guitars
Markey Moon – Bass
Frank Bardy – Drums
Record Label: Fighter Records


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