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Tzimani – Tzimani

by Alan Stevens at 26 April 2020, 6:04 PM

Self-Titled album; TZIMANI is the impressive output of brother duo Eddie and Sebastian Vaszuez, bolstering their unique blend of 80's Hair Metal, with a healthy dose of Trash and Power Metal, adding hair to the balls of some quite tame sounding classic riffs. Eddie really shines in his ability to solo, borrowing some obvious influences from epic lead guitarist Slash, his over the top solos and leads interjected with bouts of straight forward, heavy head banging sections makes this album a treat for fans of GUNS N' ROSES  and ANTRHAX.

The album starts of with “Shift”, an aptly named short homage to the motor bike sounds and experimentation of Mick Mars and Eddie Van Halen. This tears into “Overdrive”, a rampant Thrash Metal piece with a bleeding hook for an opening riff that is laced with an intricate lead. The rough edged but honest performances gives an extra life to what could have been stale sounding sections as it shifts from fast and heavy, to slow and open. The charging riff and vocal line has some elements of AVENGED SEVENFOLD, the song throwing itself between verse and chorus and many sweeping guitar solo sections which tear through your speakers that does well to pull your attention in. There are so many moving parts in this first song but Sebastian's drum work especially keeps the song moving and bouncing as the tempo gets kicked about. Locomotive is another headbanging track, vocals are rapid and I feel he strugles just a little to keep up with the tempo, but his haste adds to the tone. All the classic speed metal and thrash metal troupes are here with a good does of 80's hair metal guitar flair, but I feel its' stained with a 90's pop punk rock feel, reminding me strongly of the band CRUSH 40, who were known for performing some of the theme song to the later Sonic the Hedgehog Games. “Final Hour”, “We Are The Ones”, “Get Out Of Here”, and “Carry On”, continue with similar, expected sounds and riffs of the genres, with a few moments of unique changes. I do feel the guitar leads are taking up a lot of air space and focus, leaving the rhythm section sounding like a backing track at times. “Get Out Of Here” isn't too bad, sounding like STEEL PANTHER without the NSFW lyrics. "Night People" is probably one of the more balanced tracks on the album though it is a DIO cover with a very heavy TWISTED SISTER vibe added to it. Ending with “Doctor Rockter”, a WASP song but this really shows an edge to their playing that if they could translate to their own originals would make for some very strong contender's for todays metal market.

A heavy metal album for sure, featuring some of what made Thrash and Hair metal so fun to listen to and a nice trip down memory lane. There is a lot of promise for this pair of musicians and it is very interesting to hear their take on the some of the now 'old' school musical troupes.

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  6
Production:  6

3 Star Rating

1. Shift
2. Overdrive
3. Locomotive
4. Final Hour
5. We Are The Ones
6. Get Me Out Of Here
7. Carry On
8. Night People
9. Doctor Rockter
10. Overdrive (2017 Demo)
11. Final Hour (2017 Demo)
12. Get Me Out Of Here (2017 Demo)
Eddie Vazquez – Vocals / Lead guitar
Sebastian Vazquez - Drums
Record Label: Bonita Steel Records/Noize Cartel Records


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