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Weeping Silence - Opus IV Oblivion

Weeping Silence
Opus IV Oblivion
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 January 2016, 1:49 AM

One of the most brilliant moments on Metal history happened when the aggressiveness of Death Metal was finally mixed with slow tempos, creating a depressive and climatic form of music, but with distorted instrumental tunes and guttural voices. It's extremely hard to find one creator of the style, but the true importance of names like PARADISE LOST (the older one, with their bitter and aggressive insight), MY DYING BRIDE (with its depressive songs and use of keyboards and violins), and ANATHEMA could be said the very first bands to create and expand frontiers at the beginning. And their musical creations inspired many since then, as the Maltese septet WEEPING SILENCE that arrives with the new album, "Opus IV Oblivion".

Their musical work is nothing really new at all of many had done, but they play with passion, energy and identity. They prefer to use a mix between an elegant way into the style, but keeping some nasty moments (due the good use of some nasty guitar parts and guttural voices). And these elements create a form of music that really is very, very good. And one interesting feature: their songs don't last more than five minutes, so that long and sometimes tiring endless journeys are absent. David Depasquale is the producer of the album, as well as the one who mixed it, and Andy Horn did the album's mastering. And the result of their work is a fine and very good sound quality, clear and heavy as the band's musical identity needs.

As their finest moments, we could point to the tender and bitter "Oblivion - Darkness In My Heart Anno XV" (done with fine instrumental arrangements, with very good contrast between guttural and female voices), the grandiose "Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow" (with fine moments of the keyboards, along with some very interesting guitar parts), the beautiful and strong "In Exile" (fine work presented by bass guitar and drums), the introspective and tender "Stormbringer" (besides there are some really beautiful moments presented by very good riffs, the whole atmosphere is dense), and the wonderful "Bury My Fairytale" (another fine piece of music, using very good arrangements, with a deeper and tender female vocals, and good keyboards).

It's very good album!

4 Star Rating

1. Oblivion - Darkness iIn My Heart Anno XV
2. Ivy Thorns upon the Barrow
3. Eyes Of The Monolith
4. Hidden From The Sun
5. In Exile
6. Stormbringer
7. Transcending Destiny
8. Bury My Fairytale
9. Gothic Epitaph
Diane Camenzuli - Female Vocals
Dario Pace Taliana - Vocals
Mario Ellul - Rhythm Guitar
Manuel Spiteri - Lead Guitar
Sean Pollacco - Bass
Alison Ellul - Keyboards
Angelo Zammit - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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