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Überkill - Sex On A Leash

Sex On A Leash
by MarcusTheRocker at 19 January 2015, 2:23 PM

2014 was a great year for new British Rock music which I did mention in one of my recent reviews and I was expecting more of the same in 2015 when I got my first British promo of the year but I found that to be a bit of a disappointment but a promo that I got later was yet another British album from a different band and that one was miles better then the one I heard before so I hope that the good streak can continue with the band featured in this review who are, that’s right you guessed it, British.

ÜBERKILL are their name and their new EP “Sex On A Leash” is out now for you all to hear. This quintet of British rockers are from London and their year of formation was 2012 so they are quite new and so far they already have two EP’s out including their self-titled EP and their new one which is the focus of this review.

The new EP, entitled “Sex On A Leash” is a 4 song release from this London based band which seems to use a mixture of both Classic Rock and Hard Rock influences and the result is actually quite good.

When it starts with the opening song “Two Timin’ Woman”, you get an idea of what this band are all about which is energetic Hard Rock with obvious Classic Rock influences from the way it sounds which I have heard before from some bands but there have been a couple of cases where it has failed rather spectacularly but thankfully that’s not the case here as this energetic little number gets the song off to a good start.

This energetic sound continues with the title track and during the breakdown section of this song which features a groovy bass line, the singer belts out the line “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” twice which seems to be, from my own point of view, a homage/reference to THE RAMONES and even it was intentional or not, you can definitely tell that they are inspired by Classic Rock bands.

The pace is slowed down a bit for the next song “Feels So Good” but there is still plenty of energy in the music so it doesn't get boring which is a good thing and the EP’s closing song “Just One Thing” has a guitar solo that closes off the last 90 seconds or so of this five or so minute song and you can hear some impressive guitar work going on here but then that is apparent on the other songs too meaning that their lead guitarist is very skilled.

The songs may be good but what are my thoughts on the overall sound? The guitar work is impressive, the bass lines sound deep and groovy, the drum beats are pretty heavy and the singers performance is very energetic too even if it does sound a bit off at times but for the most part it doesn't matter as it’s very enjoyable overall.

Verdict time now and what are my overall thoughts on this new EP from a British band? I’m happy to say that the streak of good British music this year continues. The EP may sound more like a Classic Rock release then a modern Rock release but ÜBERKILL have added in a modern touch to it and it’s because of that, I liked what I heard and yes this year did get off to a bit bad start but the album I got after that was good and this one is too so I look forward to more great British Rock music in 2015.

4 Star Rating

1. Two Timin’ Woman
2. Sex On A Leash
3. Feels So Good
4. Just One Thing
Michael Blackhart - Vocals
Nick Childs - Guitar
Mike Cole - Guitar
Carsten Hoyer - Bass
Graham Tull - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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