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From Under Concrete Kings - Modus Exodus

From Under Concrete Kings
Modus Exodus
by Craig Rider at 09 April 2020, 8:26 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS; independently unsigned, performing Deathcore - on their sophomore EP entitled: "Modus Exodus" (released February 14th, 2020).

The trio in question have 2 EPs in their discography so far: "Occlusion Unbound" (released in 2018), and this here 2nd deliverance entitled: "Modus Exodus". 4 tracks ranging at around 14:03; FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS arrange an intricately designed formula of Deathcore developments. "Destroyer" begins the EP with a deep breath; until exploding eardrums into a fiercely gnarly force of adrenaline, distortion, and amplified bounciness while contributing a blistering barraged frenzy of uniquely versatile vehemence while trailblazing monstrously meaty hooks & flamboyant fretworks in which forge a boistrous calamity of rocketing rhythms with riveting yet progressively technical manifestations. Meticulously showcasing a borderline injection of pneumatic piledriving, and a borderline flair contrasting an experimental embellishment of shifting tempos & quintessential virtuosity.

Consisting of Joseph Izayea on vocals; the frontman demonstrates a distinctively distinguished fabrication of volatile pipes, throaty snarls that varies with savagely venomous yells & profusely robust lungs of gritty growls which converge with clean, and high-pitched finesse. Frolicking brutal chugs; while crafting creatively dynamic dexterity in the next song: "Self-Terminate", a chaotic but diligently detailed foundation of punchy grooves executing rapidly swift nimbleness from unknown musician who performs sonically seamless guitar harmonies while implementing an extreme but healthy dose of outrè panache & vibrantly snappy quirkiness – unleashing tight melodies with the lurchingly ugly barks with the grinding audibility from Josh Previte who gallops with neck-breaking maelstroms of primitive yet rawly rough thumpiness & oscilliating pulsations.

"Grim Satisfaction" subjugates with more rambunctious hammering from battering drummer Freddy Velasco; elementing incredible amounts of speedy twin-pedal rampency, thunderously exploding blast-beating jumpiness & jarringly ominous transistions revolve around a immersively intensive assortment of various sub-genre pursuits while merging time-signature persistence with Metalcore melodics to the sinister perseverence of Djent-esquire Deathcore juxtapostions. In conjunction with the rip-roaring shreds, pulverizing with systematically solid stability - while wondering with prodegiously upbeat mayhem. Relentlessly rushing with razor-sharp momentum, killer lacerations that infects a broad dimension of hybrid hosility & catchy domination. Bludgeoning a bulldozing transparency within the ruthlessly ridden pandemonium; energetic expertise FUCK (yep, that's their acronym) unite with the ultilization of fluidly polished sound production professionalism, and an enriching embodiment of bursting flavours that rock with rich styles while salubriously captivating deadly consistency.

Overall concluding "Modus Exodus" with the finale headbanger: "Snakecrusher"; which establishes everything from before while culminating more chunky characteristics of straighter Metalcore substance, organic Death grunts & more room for those Djenty soundscapes pushing into Thrashy territory for more of that stampeding vibe of rampaging qualities while charging towards quaking techniques. I can say that FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS (FUCK) certainly outdone themselves with this one; sorted with mixed musical sophistication, and a concrete slab of constructively diverse but groundbreaking milestones that perseave an interesting portrayal of influential excellency from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE to the artistic brilliance of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - using their own trademark shine.

Bottom line; I enjoyed a ferocious experience and discovered a band who delivered an inventive slice of all kinds of metal into one neat package, if you love your metal with steely precision and fuelled with other-worldly amounts of various variety while staying euphonically barbaric at the same time - you should definitely check these guys out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Destroyer
2. Self-Terminate
3. Grim Satisfaction
4. Snakecrusher
Joseph Izayea - Vocals
Josh Previte - Bass
Freddy Velasco - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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