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Uada - Devoid Of Light Award winner

Devoid Of Light
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 06 November 2016, 12:36 PM


When Big Daddy here was starting to hear this album, it took me beyond, to a time when Black Metal was something that the greater part of Metalheads had fear to listen to and to be drowned in. The time was the first half of the 90s, when Black Metal was reborn and became the purest form of aggressive expression against the old and moldy values. UADA is a quartet that comes from USA, from Portland (Oregon), and this is their first album, “Devoid of Light,” that comes as a massive and aggressive piece of Black Metal jewel.

Their musical work is based upon an aggressive form of Black Metal that really fits in the times when Norway, Sweden and Greece ruled supreme in the style. But the quartet shows excellent darkened melodies within the raw sound they execute. Although this format is nothing something new, it’s different from what many bands are doing actually in the Extreme Metal scene. They have personality, and will charm your senses.

The album was mixed by Mike Beck and Jake Superchi (the band’s guitarist/vocalist, and former member from the legendary band CEREMONIAL CASTINGS), and had Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST making the mastering. The sound quality of “Devoid of Light” is really raw, aggressive and darkened as in the 90s, using very good instrumental variety to create their musical spells. The art is from veteran design Kris Verwimp, who made a fine piece of morbid art.

“Natus Eclipsim” is full of excellent morbid melodies from the guitars, but with very good fast tempos as well. On “Devoid of Light,” some of the same energy of Black/Death Metal of BEHERIT and IMPALED NAZARENE from their early ages appears, but keeping some somber melodies in the guitars and vocals on a more low register (that aren’t guttural at all), with tempos changing from slow depressive moments to harsh fast ones. Fast tempos and harsh guitar riffs introduces “S.N.M.,” a song filled with crude bass guitar and drums parts, showing a simple but good technique and excellent rhythmic variations. The somber atmosphere created by the guitars in the beginning of “Our Pale Departure” is something astonishing, but soon the tempos become faster and extremely aggressive, while keeping excellent melodies, along with great harsh shrieked vocals. The most funereal moment of this album is “Black Autumn, White Spring,” once more filled with excellent melodies, good slow tempos, and great guitars again. UADA is a new and excellent band, but we hope they can release a full album as soon as possible. They deserve it, and we all do as well!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Natus Eclipsim
2. Devoid of Light
3. S.N.M.
4. Our Pale Departure
5. Black Autumn, White Spring
Jake Superchi - Vocals, guitars
James Sloan - Guitars
Robb Bockman - Bass
Trevor Matthews - Drums
Record Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede


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