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U.F.O. - The Best Of A Decade

The Best Of A Decade
by Ulf Classon at 16 October 2010, 7:10 PM

Not many bands deserve to be called Rock legends. The English band U.F.O. are one of the few bands that without a doubt can call themselves real Rock legends. And that’s because of their many classic hits on their repertoire, a long career behind them and a constant flow of new and highly acclaimed material for their fans. But U.F.O. is a band with too many collections on their conscience. Unfortunately the one’s to take the blame for that are the record companies but how anyone involved in the compilation ”The Best Of A Decade” could entitle it’s existence it’s a mystery for me. All the entire sixteen tracks on this one are all obvious very enjoyable and great tunes but I can’t find any point in releasing this collection.

At first this is a collection that will give us the best of the band from the last ten years but we miss music from both the albums "Covenant" (2000) and "Sharks" (2002). This is probably because the temperamental German guitarist Michael Schenker played on those two and with this one they want to show us the line-up with present guitarist Vinnie Moore. But in that case it is strange that they pick Schenker-written songs from this line-ups only live document “Showtime” (2005). Perhaps they want to show how Moore is handling these songs and he handles them both personally and well. But in that case this collection would be much more interesting if they only focused on the albums Moore plays on. What I really would like to see are a collection of all their studio albums from the last decade because as I said both "Covenant" and "Sharks" are really great!

If we then take a look at the albums that have contributed to this compilation the album "You Are Here" (2004) are definitive the best one of them. The only thing there is to criticize about that is that they didn’t pick ”Jello Man”, a track that have grown into a favourite during the research for this collection. The albums after that, "The Monkey Puzzle" (2006) and "The Visitor" (2009), don’t have the same level of excellence as "You Are Here" but the tracks they picked is also the tracks that distinguish themselves on those albums. Of course there are always tracks that you prefer and think that they should be included but as whole I think they picked the right one’s to show up the current line-up.

There is no doubt that even the present-day U.F.O. a worthy checking out. Both "The Monkey Puzzle" and "The Visitor" have their moments and "You Are Here" are not far from brilliant. Even “Sharks” belongs to the bands best moments and you should even check out "Covenant" if you are into the bands Blues-based Hard Rock. But I don’t think “The Best Of A Decade” gives you and honest overview of U.F.O.’s last ten years in the business. In my opinion a collection like that doesn’t exist.

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  1. The Wild One
  2. Hard Being Me
  3. Lights Out (Live)
  4. Saving Me
  5. When Daylight Goes To Town
  6. Let It Roll (Live)
  7. This Kids (Live)
  8. Heavenly Body
  9. Hell Driver
  10. Too Hot To Handle (Live)
  11. Mr. Freeze
  12. Shoot Shoot (Live)
  13. Black And Blue
  14. Can’t Buy A Thrill
  15. Baby Blue
  16. Doctor Doctor (Live)
Phil Mogg - Vocals
Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Guitars
Vinnie Moore - Guitars
Andy Parker - Drum
Record Label: SPV


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