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Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway To Hell

Ugly Kid Joe
Stairway To Hell
by Rebecca Miller at 17 October 2013, 5:13 PM

This newest release from UGLY KID JOE is a reissue of an EP they released last year, however they’ve added 3 bonus acoustic tracks. It’s an extremely enjoyable set of songs, and it’s just another step in the comeback of the band, having been out of the game for around 15 years.

The title of this album, “Stairway To Hell”, should tell you everything you need to know about where this band gets their influences from. And you can hear the AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH et al coming out in their riffs and vocal styles. There’s a lot of attitude in these songs, which this band makes work. You don’t feel like they’re trying to be something they’re not, which is refreshing. Even after having been away from the music scene for such a long time, they don’t sound like they’ve come back because they need to – they sound like they’ve come back because they want to. UGLY KID JOE were very big at the height of their fame, and if this offering is anything to go by, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy that kind of success again. It’s an interesting release in that the main themes are your drugs sex, and Rock ‘N’ Roll, but there are times when the lyrics seem to go a little bit deeper than they might suggest. The only disappointment for me was the song “Love Ain’t True”, featuring Angelo Moore and ‘Dirty’ Walt Kibby of FISHBONE. It’s different to the rest of the songs, it seems a lot more harsh to me, and this in my opinion makes it weaker than the rest.

The three acoustic songs on “Stairway To Hell” are quite a delight to listen to. Yes, they’re acoustic, but they’ve still got quite a bit of oomph to them, and they finish off the album pretty nicely. The instruments all sound brilliant as well. The hard hitting riffs are all over these songs, driving them. Whit Crane’s vocals sound as good as ever, too, dripping with attitude and sarcasm, letting the world know that he means business. The songs have got a certain amount of swagger to them, an essence of ‘look at me’, which is certainly not a bad thing when they’re this good. “Stairway To Hell” really packs a punch, all the way through, and it has really impressed me.

UGLY KID JOE have been away for a while, but they’re most definitely back, and they’re back with a bang. This is going to please their fans from their first run, and I’d be very surprised if it didn’t win them some new fans. If you like rocking out to something that going to get your first pumping, then give this a listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Devil’s Paradise
2. You Make Me Sick
3. No One Survives
4. I’m Alright
5. Love Ain’t True
6. Another Beer
7. Cat’s In The Cradle (Acoustic Version)
8. Would You Like To Be There (Acoustic Version)
9. No One Survives (Acoustic Version)
Whit Crane – Vocals
Klaus Eichstadt – Guitar
Dave Fortman – Guitar
Cordell Crockett – Bass
Shannon Larkin - Drums
Record Label: Metalville Records


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