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Ugly Yeti – Emergence

Ugly Yeti
by Dave Nowels at 30 April 2020, 2:16 PM

UGLY YETI is a Modern Hard Rock band hailing from London. The band is a 5 piece band that apparently formed in 2015. “Emergence” is their second release, and honestly, beyond that I really have no clue. Besides their Facebook and Instagram pages I can't find more than a hodgepodge of information about them overall. Nothing really significant regarding their history, their influences, or more frustrating, the uncredited synth player. The review copy was digital, and nothing more than a jpeg of the cover, and the 6 tracks that total 22 minutes. So, with that all we have to go on, we'll do our best.

The album opens with a pair of distorted chords launching “Renormalize”, with the song's vocals immediately kicking in, with a driving rhythm groove primarily driving the song. In the limited information I could find regarding influence, the bands regards their sound as being inspired by the like of, ALTERBRIDGE, MONUMENT S, and BREAKING BENJAMIN. None of which are bands I usually find in my wheelhouse, but do have an if vague, familiarity of. From what I'm listening too, I recognize enough of a vibe to realize this as a Heavy, Alt style. The kind I'd hear on my local Hard Rock radio station sandwiched in between “Black Album” METALLICA  and LINKIN PARK.

The thing is, I usually change the station on any of those, and probably wouldn't tune in there anyway. But, a lot of folks do, so looking at it from that point of view, I keep on keeping on. Track two is “Escape Velocity” and it begins with a staccato riff and percussion that continue to highlight throughout the song. There's a hint of Prog influence beginning to become noticeable, especially in the song's final half.  “Annihilator Operator” impressed, especially with it's unexpected BLACK OAK ARKANSAS fueled, cowbell banging 70's drive. “Lazarus” returns back to the albums earlier feel, before “Wanderer” slams on the brakes as they spin the steeling wheel in a whole different direction. The song could be called the albums ballad, and it's unlike anything else on the album. It's a really good song; it's just 'different', that's all. Still, followed by the album closing “Convergence”, it makes a strong case for being the album's best track.

The album's conclusion left me wondering which version of UGLY YETI was the true nature of the band. The generic (but well done), somewhat timid, Alt Rock band represented by “Renormalize” and “Escape Velocity” Or were they the fairly bold band that seem to have a real talent for innovation and creativeness with songs like, “Wanderer”, and “Convergence”. Tough to say. “Emergence” is a pretty good album, that seems conflicted. Which ever road the band chooses, I wish them much success. I know one intrigues me more than the other. Pick up a copy yourself and reach your own verdict. I'll be keeping an eye out for the band's next contribution to find out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Renormalize
2. Escape Velocity
3. Annihilator Operator
4. Lazarus
5. Wanderer
6. Convergence
Saad Shaikh – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ankit Sinha - Drums
Maciej Szopa - Bass
Tristan French – Lead Vocals
Paul Cho – Backing Vocals, Graphic Design
Record Label: Independent


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