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Ulcer - Grant Us Death

Grant Us Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 March 2013, 1:42 PM

Making a tribute to the old methods, the raw heredities of the Swedish Death Metal, carving the anti-god or anti-religion phrases by issuing elements of deathly grimness to a form where heaviness, extremity, along with a few melodic ends, come alive breathing fire, this is the true essence of the Polish Death Metal band, ULCER, with a lot of rest for the wicked and the dismayed. Tarnishing mankind’s leap of faith in the white cloth while turning to the beast below, ULCER followed the first footsteps of old bands such as DEATH, AUTOSPY, ASPYHX and several of the irreverent Swedish icons such as ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER. Blood will flow like sewage waters in the streets after heavy rains after this Polish group will end feasting with their debut album, “Grant Us Death”, via Pulverised Records. Without crossing to many lines, ULCER, like a wound never to be healed again, were able to show their talents at composing a twenty years material, safeguarding that fine old magic, but it ends there.

In other words, “Grant Us Death” is a simple Death Metal album, not too melodic as the old Gotheburg style, but on the other hand, not to stylish and heading for glory like the previous, early 90s, exemplifications that carved skins and tore limbs back in the day and even today when thinking about it. I was impressed by the band’s various melodic lines, and even a few solo actions performed here and there, as I really wished for this release that charged with such a gristle sound that seemed more modern than old school, pattern of the new BENEDICTION and ASPYHX sound implementations, but other than that, and of course several tracks that caught my devotion, ULCER pretty much offered the same stuff over and over. I believe that if the band wished to leave a bad aura of rotting corpses of the dead with zombiefied riffing drenched with blood, they succeeded. The rhythm section took it even further, rushing forward like a mob pack of flesh eating grinders stomping, dashing forward with blitz in their eyes. However, the pattern felt to repetitive, same things all over without varying in such a manner that it would matter that much. Songs like “Grant Us Death”, a wonderful opener starting off with a suspension provided by chorus induced riffing setting the tone for the ghastly road arrive a few moments later, which also crushed pretty well, or “The Love Song” and “Godcremation” that sang the song for the love of the underworld, screeched with fine moments that really inspired this old school Death Metal fan, especially with the two voices aching together, or just for last, “Devitalized” that put Thrash Metal on the table along with grinding Death mechanics filled with blood, all these made me notice that ULCER has something to offer.

“Grant Us Death” is a death wish for every fan of Death Metal, to sink in deep with the themes that have been keeping this genre fuelled up. ULCER’s music has its stronger points more in comparison to the moments where I just kept on listening but didn’t find too much spice to relish myself with. For a debut album, this is a solid work, slighter than average.

3 Star Rating

1. Grant Us Death
2. Devilspeed
3. Bloodpainted Salvation
4. The Love Song
5. Godcremation
6. Thanatoeuphoria
7. Devitalized
8. The Pact
9. My Lord Has Horns
10. When Horror Comes
D. - Vocals
Angelfuck - Vocals
Lucass - Guitar
Mscislaw - Guitar
Szwed - Bass
Vizun - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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