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Ulcer - Heading Below

Heading Below
by Bruno Diniz at 31 January 2017, 9:41 AM

Founded in 2006, the Polish band ULCER completes 10 years releasing its third full length album entitled "Heading Below" bringing a brutal and raw Death Metal addressing subjects like hate, misanthropy, suffering and anti-religion. In relation to its predecessor "Grant Us Death", we perceive a sensible improvement in the production apart from a less melodic sound. The members LucaSS (Guitar), Mścisław (guitar), D.ssipline (Vocals), Angelfuck (Vocals), Szwed (Bass), Wizun (Drums), all veterans in the metal scene, make up the band. Incorporated by the soul of old Swedish Death Metal and inspired by bands like ENTOMBED, EDGE OF SANITY and GRAVE.

The album begins with the song "Heading Below" with its over-one-minute introduction that sounds like a descent to hell. Then, the instruments come in progressively, until the entrance of a beastly voice accompanying the musicians' faster beats. "Friends Forever" begins in a very melodic way opening space for heavy drums and very aggressive vocals. The song has a harmonious and interesting solo with distorted guitars. "Sides To See" begins with a small drum solo and a long section of guitars in ceaselessly fast pacing reminiscent of quite a few excerpts from CANNIBAL CORPSE. "All in vain" is slower and darker, with some very depressing tones and recited vocals. "You Called, We Came" features pure Death Metal without embellishments, going straight to the roots of the style for those who do not like the innovations presented through the years. "Howl Of The Jackal" for me is the best track on the album, relying on a progressive introduction, various tempo changes and excellent solo at the end. "Enshrouded In Nothingness" is the longest track of the work, bringing harmonious and refined riffs with the purity of Death Metal itself.

In general, "Heading Below" is a good album with some highlights like in "You Called, We Came" and "Howl Of The Jackal". There is nothing new in the sound and the work still suffers a little on the issue of originality. For those who like more old school style, this is highly recommended.
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating


1. Down Below
2. Fiends Forever
3. Sights to See
4. All in Vain
5. The Phantom Heart
6. You Called, We Came
7. Miscarriage's Lullaby
8. Howl of the Jackal
9. Enshrouded in Nothingness
LucaSS - Guitar
Mścisław - Guitar,
D.ssipline - Vocals,
Angelfuck - Vocals,
Szwed - Bass,
Wizun - Drums
Record Label: Arachnophobia Records


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