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Ulcerate - Shrines Of Paralysis Award winner

Shrines Of Paralysis
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 November 2016, 10:02 AM

Let’s get ready for some musical brutality and disruption of our ears! Yes, that’s what the trio ULCERATE, from Auckland (New Zeland) is about, with their puke of aggressive and technical power called “Shrines of Paralysis.” By these words, you can have the clear idea that this trio is specialized in ripping our ears and brains with a brutal and technical form of Death Metal. Of course, you can call it Technical Death Metal, but the label doesn’t fit completely their musical diversity. Yes, it’s brutal, oppressive and technical, and even shows very good moments where their tempos are slow, but the way they play is really something different from what we have heard before. It’s extreme, brutal and technical, but with personality and good taste.

The sound quality of the album is not the best one in the world, because in the will to find something brutal and dirty, the producer made the sonority of “Shrines of Paralysis” a bit rawer than the necessary, especially with the drums. But it doesn’t mean that the sound quality is a waste, no, not at all. You can understand what the band is doing with their instruments, but the producer could look for something a bit clearer and with better tunes. But if the sound quality is not the best for them, the trio compensates for it by doing excellent songs, and knowing how to balance the technical and brutal aspects of their music. They really made an excellent work in this matter.

The violent show of musical aggressiveness shown on “Abrogation” and “Yield to Naught” (this one with very good slow tempos, where we can feel the musical technique of the drums and from bass guitars), the excellent harmonic (or disharmonic, if you prefer) structures of the bitter “There Are No Saviours” (with very good grunts and some technical complexity), the aggressive and raw insight of “Shrines of Paralysis” (excellent tempos once more, filled with very good technical work from guitars and rhythmic session), and the Jazz technique on some moments from the oppressive grasp of “Extinguished Light” can be said as their finest moments. But the whole album is an excellent experience of musical onslaught. Listen to “Shrines of Paralysis” and enjoy the ride into a brutal scenario.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Abrogation
2. Yield to Naught
3. There Are No Saviours
4. Shrines of Paralysis
5. Bow to Spite
6. Chasm of Fire
7. Extinguished Light
8. End the Hope
Paul Kelland - Bass, Vocals
Michael Hoggard - Guitars
Jamie Saint Merat - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Relapse Records


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