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Ulthima - Symphony Of The Night

Symphony Of The Night
by Thomas Kumke at 19 May 2021, 4:57 PM

ULTHIMA were formed in 2010 by Ricardo Escobar and Antonio Valdes in Mexico. Both decided to move to Finland, since their most influential bands were coming from there. With the current line-up being completed in 2018, ULTHIMA play melodic Death Metal and “Symphony Of The Night” is their first full-length album and the songs are a collection of that what they have written over the last 10 years. It was released via Finnish label Inverse Records, which has a number of Death, Doom, and Thrash Metal bands among their roster. The album has a length of about 40 minutes. No video has been released from the album yet.

Symphony Of The Night” starts off with “Black Swan”, a very dynamic song in mid-tempo with catchy guitar riffs and melodies, harmonic lead guitar sequences and extended solo and lots of double-bass drumming. The growling vocals are somewhere in the middle of the guttural range. If there is any variation in the vocals, it tends to go towards higher notes. “Tears Of Fire” and “Belegar” are slightly faster songs than the opener. “Tears Of Fire” includes a very well contributing extended lead guitar solo and also the lead guitar sequences are worth mentioning, since they dominate the texture of the song. “Belegar” follows the same patterns but has more variations in tempo, it has some really fast parts, combined with mid-tempo sections.

The sound on the album is very similar throughout with some tempo changes here and there. “Daughter Of Twilight” is one of the slower songs with perfectly measured melodies. The keyboard contribution on the album often softens the sound and it also adds occasionally some Pop elements such as in “Beyond The Veil”. The use of the keyboard differs from song to song, sometimes it is solely used as background, sometimes it adds some stand-alone parts such as in “Beyond The Veil”. “Eternity” is one of the more straightforward songs with sharp guitar riffing and catchy melodies. The lead guitar melodies sound all a bit familiar at times and it is clear where ULTHIMA draw their inspirations from.

Dancing With Shadows” is one of those songs which contains a few more twists in tempo, although in general the vibes are very similar to that of “Daughter Of Twilight” including the dominating keyboards. “Ulthima” and the title song are again a bit more dynamic, especially “Ulthima” includes some faster parts and has a slightly more complex song structure with a few breaks. The lead guitar solo contains some aggressive and heavy elements in discordance to the overall theme of the song. The title song starts with a ballad type of intro but transitions quickly to the typical sound of the album. The title song represents perhaps the album best, since it contains parts and elements of everything from the preceding songs.

Symphony Of The Night” is a good melodic Death Metal debut. ULTHIMA have a clear idea about their melodic sound and they stick to it without compromise. This is even more remarkable, since all songs were composed throughout the last ten years which means the band had very clear ideas how they want to sound like. Many songs are similar, the melodies and harmonies are nothing new, and often it all sounds familiar to that what we all know. However, ULTHIMA are more than just another melodeath band. “Symphony Of The Night” has its own melodic sound and character. The album is well produced. ULTHIMA have made their mark in the melodic Death Metal community and I am sure “Symphony Of The Night” will have a lot of fans.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Black Swan
2. Tears Of Fire
3. Belegar
4. Daughter Of Twilight
5. Beyond The Veil
6. Eternity
7. Dancing With Shadows
8. Ulthima
9. Symphony Of The Night
Tuomas Antila – Vocals
Ricardo Escobar – Guitars
Jon Welti ­ Guitars
Ville Nummisalo – Drums
Antonio Valdes – Bass
Niko Sutinen – Keyboards
Record Label: Inverse Records


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