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Ultra-Violence - Wildcrash

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 June 2012, 3:17 PM

I can hear the comments on what you guys will be saying while you will be tuning to this crazy Italian Thrash Metal band named ULTRA-VIOLENCE. I know I would probably get – “This is very ordinary” or “Ohh again with the same Thrash stuff over and over”. I can understand that there are negative feelings towards the new wave of Thrash Metal bands, that has been trying to reassert the lost late 80s Thrash scene that went down the drain due to the rise of Grunge in the early 90s. On the other hand, why such animosity? I know that there is a lot of crap out there, yet, within the bands that have nothing to do with originality or probably any musical talent, when it comes to Thrash Metal, there are the golden crown jewels, or at least something that checks as pretty close to that.

So there came the ULTRA-VIOLENCE crew of maniacs bearing iron fists. For some reason I thought that they probably took a name that has something to do with the almost hardest level of difficulty of the old Doom PC game or I am just seeming old for mentioning that as that is something from the early 90s. Anyway, pursuing their place as a band of the new wave of Thrash Metal, ULTRA-VIOLENCE ended up sharing qualities taken from the extreme European scene of the German origin like KREATOR and DESTRUCTION while angrily gazing towards the Bay Area scene of San Francisco, at least when it comes to the old school crunchy and spiking sound that shares a few elements with old the EXODUS. On the other hand, ULTRA-VIOLENCE’s material isn’t that ordinary as you might think. In order to complex things, of course not in the manner of SADUS, ARTILLERY, early VOIVOD or ATHEIST, this group has taken a wild course into the world of “how to break things a part and reconstructing them body together in different forms”, it is like performing a surgery on a body while putting it back together in horrific process deformation. Sounds a bit atrocious and dreadful, but when the music is concerned, this EP was kind of cool. It reminded me things of the genre’s golden years but on the other hand, it was rather unexpected on several points.

The bloody bristles came slamming hard with the sadistic war cry and incredible speed of the murderous “Wildcrash”. Over the years I had the chance to listen to so many outbursts as this one, but for some reason I couldn’t stop headbanging when this one came along. The vocals sounded morbid, infuriated and raw to the core. The guitars inflamed with slicing riffages and decimating lead fretwork like howling wolves in the dark of night. “Infernal Trip” began pretty normal for this genre; however, its slow tempo section brought me to clench my fists of the awesome power that it holds. Tight palm muted strokes, like slamming fists in the wall, only to return to a reprisal of the early verse and from there on with more intense surprises, like mines in a corn field. “Inhuman Slaves”, began with such an amazing Heavy Metal solo along with an interesting riffing to back it up. Damn, these guys exactly knew what buttons to push when it comes to yours truly. This song, in comparison to the others is faintly more assorted than the former examples presenting a nice line of attractive riffages. Also I must admit that the vocalist really surprised me with that high pitch yelp that really shook me up. Way to go man.

If you were looking for something energetic to start your day or you are plainly angry at your boss for refusing something you wished to accommodate, put this EP on and let your anger slide right through your head. This is a recommended release, make sure you get it.   

4 Star Rating

1. Wildcrash
2. Infernal Trip
3. Frustration of Soul
4. Inhuman Slaves
5. Herpes 
Loris Castiglia– Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Andrea Vacchiotti– Lead Guitar
Roberto ''Robba'' Dimasi- Bass
Simone Verre- Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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