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Ululate – Back to Cannibal World

Back to Cannibal World
by H.P. Buttcraft at 02 April 2015, 11:45 PM

ULULATE is the practical solution to China’s lack of a band like CANNIBAL CORPSE. China’s ULULATE may not be as edgy and controversial as CANNIBAL CORPSE was at one point but ULULATE like to add elements of the avant-garde into the mix in order to keep the music from growing stale. In this respect, this is what ULULATE and Spectre are doing right that the gang in CANNIBAL CORPSE are doing so horribly wrong. The world has gotten over the shock value of death metal for the most part.

What we have left is a style of musical expression that is neither shocking nor horrifying but till wearing those hats in order to seem like these factors continue to be relevant. It merely boils down to somebody who plays out of tune instruments and makes weird and brutal tones to them. The drumming, which should be at the core of all good death metal, is clumsily trying to be fast but tramples over the rhythm of the composition.

The song “Not Always Be Silent” is a song that is not held together by a composition of nonsense and does not, by itself, become memorable or distinct from what I’ve come to know at the true essence of death metal that makes bands like ENTOMBED, CANNIBAL CORPSE and GORGUTS so awesome. I definitely hear bands like this resonate on this record. You can’t tell me that the song “Decease and Sadness” doesn’t sounds like an old video game score to you. You just simply can’t. The song is brutal and sinister-sounding but it’s playful enough to motivate feelings of playfulness and excitement.

ULULATE try to be like this but is entirely weighed down by the sole proprietor for ULULATE, the man who calls himself Spectre. I really didn’t get all that good a vibe from this music, to be quite honest. Maybe its because I have heard so much death metal in my life or maybe it’s the fact that I am getting older. But “Back to Cannibal World” just really places me in a spot that I don’t enjoy being with death metal. It’s a very dark, uncomfortable and dizzying experience I do not want to repeat. ULULATE at least has some level of competency in their riff writing but– and forgive for sounding out of touch here– I cannot give a positive recommendation to this album at all.

3 Star Rating

1. Not Always Be Silent
2. Red Wine
3. Decease and Sadness
4. Anxiety of Mortality
5. Enchantment
6. Mrs. Cobra
7. Real Catastrophe
8. Song Dan Ping
Spectre – All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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