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Ulysses Siren - Justifiable Homicide Award winner

Ulysses Siren
Justifiable Homicide
by Paulomaniaco at 01 April 2015, 2:59 PM

Firstly just let me say that I feel honoured to be the one to review this excellent album from this excellent band, a band that for some reason never got the respect they did deserve and never managed to release a full album but let me tell you "fuck that" because you guys rule!!! "Justifiable Homicide" is nothing new, an EP that is basically been re-released but that doesn't really matter because good things should be re-released, an awesome EP of pure Speed Thrash and I would like to dedicated this EP to Guitarist and Bassist Jon Torres who sadly passed away in 2013, you are missed and you rule!

For those who don't know, ULYSSES SIREN were formed in 1983 in San Francisco, USA and they have released three Demos, "Terrorist Attack" 1985, "Demo'87" 1987, Above The Ashes" Compilation 2003, "2012 Demo" 2012 and  "Justifiable Homicide" 2015, the latter one with five songs and a DESTRUCTION cover "The Ritual".

ULYSSES SIREN is one of those bands when you listen for the first time you're thinking, "what the hell?" Killer riffs that are very sharp and aggressive and the vocals a mix of Ballof and Zetro, need to say no more. "Justifiable Homicide" delivers power from beginning to end, excellent bass lines and that typical Bay Area sound, very technical and catching. When SLAYER, METALLICA and EXODUS were thinking about kicking asses, these guys were already out there doing just that,  "Bludgeoned Mass" is pure Thrash and the Bay Area Era lives on, Manuel Lopez' style still reigns supreme and the guitar solos are just flesh cutter and let the blood spill. Lovers of Old School Speed Thrash will love this album, songs like "Lethal Inception" makes you be proud of being a Metalhead, and the Golden Era lives on.

I really like the addition of the live songs, "Leviathan/Above The Ashes" very cool stuff indeed, sounds like early EXUMER, then a very good cover from DESTRUCTION and the last nail on the coffin "The Reich" awesome stuff. I really liked this album, the production is excellent and front cover top notch, thank you so much for coming back and hope to catch you guys live.

5 Star Rating

1. Justifiable Homicide
2. Bludgeoned Mass
3. Lethal Inception
4. Leviathan/Above The Ashes
5. The Ritual (live) Destruction Cover
6. The Reich (Live)
Manuel Lopez - Vocals
Jon Torres - Guitar (R.I.P.)
Stone Clement - Guitar
Joe Jimenez - Bass
Steve Heuser - Drums
Record Label: Malevolence Records


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