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Unborn Suffer – Commit(ment To) Suicide

Unborn Suffer
Commit(ment To) Suicide
by Nathan Dufour at 03 September 2020, 6:49 PM

I am not sure where my earbuds are. The internet is glitchy again, in spite of fiber optic cabling and, ya know, timely paying of the bills. So grind on, I guess. As one does. And I love me some grind.

UNBORN SUFFER present here, in order, a ridiculous album title and 27 tracks in 35 odd minutes. So even before hitting play, this all bodes well. And then, the ping of a snare drum announces in no uncertain terms that this is all grind, all the time, for the next half hour. Polish grind, in particular, has a distinct flavor to it, and is generally easy to recognize. Also, it seems bree is very angry again, which brings a smile to my face. The beatings will continue until you press play again. Now, that is not to say that “Commit(ment To) Suicide” is without nuance and subtlety insofar as there can be within the context of grindcore. The blasts are inventive, the guitars occasionally almost take on a surf rock vibe (really cool!), and the vocals are top notch, or I guess, bottom gut. It’s difficult, though, to extrapolate this one into songs that stand out per se because the goal is just aural devastation. “All Living Kills” plainly stomps all over the place like a bull in a china shop. And yes, I am pretty sure that is a cowbell. What a fun ride.

Look man, “Blast Until I Die” is the most fun 19 seconds likely this year, oddly playful despite its very deliberate short run time. The song is a great segue into “Castrated Consciousness,” which also slides in a neat guitar solo to end off the track in a fade out, of all things, in 2020. If the album were a cassette, I would be concerned it was being eaten by the machine - and that is not a bad thing for the type of auditory beating UNBORN SUFFER are serving up.

UNBORN SUFFER have been long suffering bastions of the underground and are well worth the time for grindheads looking for something new to blast. Special attention should be paid to the ending 2 tracks, special editions, that round out the album with an almost punk sensibility. And that cowbell. Yeehaw, and so on. A nice change from a cymbal hit, really. It’s refreshing to hear and also makes me want to hear more and spend some time on UNBORN SUFFER’s other releases, since this is the first one I have spent any time on. And, honestly, I will surely be spending more time. You should too.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. God's Blood
2. Cardboard Box
3. Commit(Ment To) Suicide
4. No One Will Know
5. We The Worst
6. Solutions
7. Whole World Gone Insane
8. Obliteration Of Faith
9. Degradation Of Evolution
10. Brain Itch
11. Point Zero
12. Pathological Salvation
13. Post Abortum Pt 4
14. A-82
15. Your Thoughts - Your Self Annihiliation
16. Pierdolę Was
17. Partum Creaturae
18. Pyg
19. No Justification
20. Vision Of Death
21. All Living Kills
22. Blast Until I Die
23. Castrated Consciousness
24. Failed Attempt
25. Abandon Rate
Damian "Sfenson" Bednarski – Guitars, Vocals
Łukasz "Lukass" Ziółkowski – Drums
Sławomir "Sławas" Kocikowski – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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