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Unbound – Wicked World

Wicked World
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 16 October 2015, 10:12 AM

UNBOUND is a Doomcore band based out of Germany. Formed in 1996, the band has released two previous full-length albums. This is their third release, and contains ten tracks.

The opening song “Race Against Time” sets the tone for the album. It has a deep, low end sound and a main riff based on the E chord. The vocals are done in Death Metal style and are fierce in their delivery, especially the anguished screams that come after the second chorus. The pacing is traditional when it comes to the Core style…mid-tempo to a slow grind. “Still Weight Down with Sorrow” is a gloomy exercise in pure horror. The sluggish, deliberate rhythm and lamenting vocals hit you hard directly in your soul and there is no escaping the straightforwardness of the sound. “God for a Day” hears the first bit of variation with the acoustic opening that quickly gives way to a powerful, resonating main riff that could not possibly be any lower or doomy. The feeling of hopelessness is totally complete. “Worlds Collide” brings more of the same, in as extreme of a fashion as possible. It’s as if everything you hold dear to you in the world is slowly being consumed by a bottomless pit of blackness. “Violated Soul” really hits the nail on the head as far as the song title goes. This is exactly how you feel when you listen to the song, like a toothed worm has crawled into your body and is devouring your soul one bite at a time. “Resurrection” closes the album. The main riff is dissonant and leaves you disoriented. Once again it’s the solemn desolation of the vocals that creates this feeling of Doom.

Doomcore is a proper genre label in my opinion, when it comes to the rhythm and darkness that you hear consistently. There isn’t a lot of variation but I suppose that is the intent. Instead, each track tries to out-do the next when it comes to the pureness of the despair.

3 Star Rating

1. Race Against Time
2. Egoist
3. Still Weight Down With Sorrow
4. Life’s Lost
5. God for A Day
6. Explosion
7. Worlds Collide
8. Violated Soul
9. Wish My Downfall
10. Resurrection
Marshl - Vocals
Vali – Drums
Max – Guitar
Chris – Bass
Cedric – Guitar
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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