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Unburied - Murder 101

Murder 101
by Vasilis Odontidis at 18 February 2013, 11:35 AM

Do you fancy watching horror movies, splatter movies, gore movies or just a brutal combination of them all? Do you watch the main evil guy and try to imagine yourself in his/her place wanting to do nasty things to other people? That was a trick question - if you actually do then stop and get some help… But probably not as a splatter movie is viewed to offer some fun and some laughs or sometimes scare the shit out of us. All these “romantic” situations are the general concept of Death Metal lyrics and UNBURIED bear no exception as “Murder 101” is a Death Metal record soaked in blood.

The record consists of eleven tracks but the songs are of very short duration and thus it hardly goes beyond 30 minutes running time. The band plays Death Metal with a touch of groove in their compositions… There is also a wide use of audio samples in the songs that enhance the splatter feeling. Concerning the music, I tried hard to find any songs that I would like, except for the last three that were just not so boring. Not to mention there also two covers here “Abraxas Annihilation” and “Witchburner”. Most of them use heavily repeated riff structure that just forces your finger to press next track. The brutal vocals are more or less ok but when it comes to high pitched growls it is like … OMG (and maybe 3 lol). I find really hard to understand any specific use of this kind of terrible vocals. And it is not that is… weird after a while I just can’t stand that thing. The only thing that is not disappointing in this record is the rhythm section that is doing a great job. But that can’t save the day - they are just a step ahead than the rest of this mutilated mess.

“Murder 101” is the second full length album of UNBURIED but the first to receive a professional production. It was recorded in 2011 and was released in 2012 (though the promo says 2013 !?!?!) by Selfmadegod Records. They are also stating that they are looking for a label to release it (I am still confused - wasn’t that just released by Selfmadegod Records… in the future?). If they are indeed looking or in any case want to get along in the big river of Death Metal they should do something about their music and their vocals. There is not a single chance to go further with this kind of stuff. But if they are just doing it just for the fun and for being true to the genre (sigh) this is fine with me (and for them). Still, I am really happy that this review came to an end.

1 Star Rating

1. Trapped in a Delusion
2. I'm Going to Fuckin' Kill You
3. Stalked, Fucked, and Buried
4. Abraxas Annihilation (Integrity cover)
5. Homicidal Sex Rage
6. Reborn unto Hades
7. Impulse to Kill
8. Heartless Corpse Defilement
9. Witchburner (G.G. Allin cover)
10. The Kidnapper
11. Murder 101
Matt Pike – Vocals / Guitar
Mark Riddick- Bass
Brian Forman- Drums
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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