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Unburnt - Arcane Evolution

Arcane Evolution
by James Brizuela at 09 September 2019, 9:15 AM

UNBURNT, hailing from the land of Canada, bring forth their first EP “Arcane Evolution”. “Arcane Evolution” is a short and sweet flurry of Blackened Death Metal. The opening track, “A Reason to Live”, kicks off the album offering a very melodic sound. I love that the music style and vocal style both change off to offer a visceral Black and Death Metal feel. It is a perfect blend of both genres. The thing I appreciate deeply about heavy bands is their ability to sound completely brutal, but also enunciate vocally. The production value on this EP is excellent. You can clearly hear the instrumentation with the vocals coming in clearly layered on top.

Superiority In Wisdow” brings in the more brutal tech death metal sound. The track hits the ground running and does not let up.  It is a fast-paced gut punch. There is a lot of tempo changes in this track that offers a better look at the music prowess of UNBURNT. There is a pretty impressive guitar solo thrown in to add an even better musical depth to the track. The impressive thing about this album is how there seems to be this complete balance of cohesively sounding black and death metal. “Sorrow-Bearing Enemy” brings in that more prototypical black metal sound. When you think that you have their sound figured out, you get hit with a completely different direction in the musical style. I hear multiple sub-genres that are perfectly blended into a brutal sound. There are some break downs that seem almost Deathcore-like but fit the style of the music so well. The final and title track of the EP, “Arcane Evolution” comes in with a more tech-death sound. But then there is a turn into the more melodic sound. The vocals change into a chanting-like hook that adds more depth. It is almost angelic, then you get slammed right back into the ground with the brutality of the sound.

Arcane Evolution” is short but packs a lot of power behind the tracks. I was very impressed at the music prowess of UNBURNT. All I can really say is that the EP is too short, because it left me wanting much more. We need a full album.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. A Reason to Live
2. Superiority In Wisdom
3. Sorrow-Bearing Enemy
4. Arcane Evolution
Bo Louther – Guitars
Eric Burnet – Vocals
Joe Mullen – Drums
John-Ryan Godfrey – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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