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Unchained - Oncoming Chaos

Oncoming Chaos
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 September 2012, 10:54 PM

Being free to do whatever one wishes might sound trivial to the large majority of the world's population as mandatory. The feeling of being chained into something, whether a dictated way of life, policies, virtues, corrupted laws and even the right to speak has its limitation on several parts of the world. I believe that the sensation over being truly unchained, alive or dead, is what this here album by the name of "Oncoming Chaos" is all about other than being a praise for its creators, the French UNCHAINED. Newly signed to M&O Music, this band displayed their attempt to swing with modern Death Metal while exploiting the powerhouse moments of melodic Heavy Metal. Though it might seem stupid because I could say melodic Death Metal, because that what it is in the bottom line, but I will stick the label that engulfed the band early on. If you wished for references, as I am sure would rapidly be able to out some of your own, I could rally up late era IN FLAMES, AMON AMARTH and MERCENARY among others while also entering bands as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and PAIN CONFESSOR as there were various of Metalcore hints within the band's modern blending.

After thinking about it for a while, I assume that I got it why UNCHAINED didn't go for the melodic Death Metal label. Though sounding rather the same as the genre's updated versions, almost the entire of what is recognized as Heavy Metal within the material depended on the soloing style of the two lead guitarists. Unlike IN FLAMES that never did favor a good old fashioned guitar solo, UNCHAINED exploded with shredding show offs of high quality. I have to admit that nearly half of my enjoyment from this album was based upon these incredible solos. Regretfully, the melodic riffing seemed almost nonexistent thus rather irrelevant to mention in length. I can say the same of what I felt towards the lead vocals that shared two types of growls, high end and lower grunts. Song after song I couldn't distinguish what the vocalist tried to inflict upon me. Not due to me not understanding the lyrics, but because of his voice that seemed numb, cold and just there without any special purpose. I can also say that it sounded common for the genre, but in this case it was pretty lifeless.

Back to the material, UNCHAINED, with their lead guitar specials, didn't seem to go out of their way to write material that would be viewed differently. Their riffing seemed quite ordinary, though the music shifted to Heavy Metal while the solos began bursting each time, same goes for the rhythm section that didn't provide that much interest or something glorious. At least I was glad that UNCHAINED asked for the guest performance of NIGHTMARE's Joe Amore that virtually made this band a hit for life with the amazing "Freedom Through Fire", which also consists of amazing a main riff and combined growl / clean vocals harmonies. "Replicant", "Cosa Nostra" and "No Scapegoat To Blame" showed that this band can be clever and enjoyable in the same time, both catchy and brutal. "Oncoming Chaos" might be a faint signal for things to come but it will also get you acquainted with these fine musicians. Their music might not be new but surely there is something here to continue tuning to.

3 Star Rating

1. Infernal Death Machine
2. No Scapegoat To Blame
3. Freedom Through Fire
4. Russia
5. Your Funeral
6. Death From Above
7. Stare In The Abyss
8. The God Delusion
9. Replicant
10. Cosa Nostra
11. Unchained 
Pierre Jourdan Gassin–Vocals
Jonathan Rabache- Guitars
Thibaud Vuille- Guitars
Joel Forneris–Bass / Backing Vocals
Olivier Gavelle - Drums
Record Label: M&O Music


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