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Unchosen Ones - Sorrow Turns to Dust Award winner

Unchosen Ones
Sorrow Turns to Dust
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 May 2023, 3:23 AM

It’s common to feel deceived by conceptions from time to time, especially if the readers are 50 year old people, used to get information from magazines (and hard to check websites and blogs on internet). As a particular experience of this writer, Spanish Metal scene, even having names as BARÓN ROJO, ÁNGELES DEL INFIERNO and OBÚS, seemed to be too small. It’s a gross mistake of mine, I confess, and I’m truly happy of knowing that a massive Metal earthquake happens on the land of my ancestors (the name ‘Garcia’ is Spanish), and to deal with a lovely album as “Sorrow Turns to Dust”, the first full length of the Vigo based quintet UNCHOSEN ONES. After an EP (2021’s “Kill the Night”), the band’s music can enjoyed as it deserves: a mix between traditional Heavy Metal (with modern Heavy Metal traces due its aggressive and energetic appeal) with classic Hard Rock elements. It’s not a sin to say that their music is on the same vein of acts as RAINBOW (during its early releases), AXEL RUDI PELL, and even some neoclassic touches due the keyboards arrangements (without those technical masturbations during the guitar solos).

It can be said: the arrangements gave the songs an appeal that is elegant and accessible in the same time, the choruses are excellent (try to hear to the one on “The World is Ours to Take” and not sing along, it’s impossible), the energy is young and savage, and everything works in a high level. Yes, this release is really excellent! Recorded at SMHQ Studios under the supervision of Koldo Rivas, and being mixed and mastered by Jose F. Tercero (JFT Producciones), everything sounds actual, alive and full of life, with the right balance between the sound clarity needed, but with the instruments with the distorted tunes needed. And the artwork of Abigail Fernandez fits on the album’s music (even giving a sensation of dealing with an extreme Metal album at the first sight).

A better concept to say what you’ll find on the songs of “Sorrow Turns to Dust” is a updated form of music that keeps the 80’s and 90’s melodic hooks of Heavy Metal, but an actual and shining appeal that’ll be hard to resist to. The album ones with a strong and melodic battering ram called “Far Beyond the Thunderdome”, rich in excellent melodies and arrangements (especially of the guitars and keyboards), and a remarkable chorus. On “The World is Ours to Take”, the accessible side of the quintet’s music becomes evident, with hooks that are truly lovely, with strong and charming vocals (the chorus is able to make an old person rise and sing along), and the lyrics are amazing.

On “Infinite Gear”, one can have in mind that Hard Rock form that is called by many as neoclassic, or in other words, if a combination of hooking melodies with charming tempos and great arrangements (especially due the strong and heavy rhythms created by bass guitar and filled by the keyboards). And “Sorrow Turns to Dust” is another song with an accessible melodic appeal, based on contrasts between heavy guitar riffs and rich keyboards arrangements. “The Accursed Moon” is a short and epic instrumental song based on effects, an interlude on the album preceding “Kill the Night”, a song that keeps the 90’s Hard Rock appeal on its melodies, but a heavier outfit. And on “Too Late”, is clear the increase of the musical weight of the band (maybe due the heavy rhythmic artillery of bass guitar and drums).

Taking a time machine back to the second half of the 80’s, “Shadow Dancer” brings back those hypnotic melodic elements, the contrasts between introspective moments with heavier parts where the vocals are really showing a great work (fitting in each instrumental part perfectly). And again with tons of musical weight contrasting to some Heavy/Power Metal traces and a good technical work, “Ashen Wasteland” is a moment when the fans’ eyes will fall from their orbits. “The Call of the Rain” again evokes the musical accessibility of Hard Rock, but with a modern and young energy, filled with excellent guitars and melodies. And “True Warrior” comes closing the album as a power ballad, being half introspective, and half heavier.

The quintet was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the world is trying to leave the shadow of sadness, maybe “Sorrow Turns to Dust” can be a great chance for starting to become happier again. And UNCHOSEN ONES can be mentioed as a year revelation, indeed.

Los saludo hermanos!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Far Beyond the Thunderdome
2. The World is Ours to Take
3. Infinite Gear
4. Sorrow Turns to Dust
5. The Accursed Moon
6. Kill the Night
7. Too Late
8. Shadow Dancer
9. Ashen Wasteland
10. The Call of the Rain
11. True Warrior
Javier Calderón - Vocals
Fran Romero - Guitars
Christian Marco - Keyboards
Robert Martínez - Bass
Jose Fernández - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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