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Unconventional Disruption - Flood To Euthanasia

Unconventional Disruption
Flood To Euthanasia
by Spyros Stasis at 15 August 2013, 12:33 PM

After the release of the “In a Life of Death to Nothing” demo, Italian technical Death grinders UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION return with their debut full-length entitled “Flood To Euthanasia”. So what to expect here? Well, a very energetic and constantly intense album, filled with Grindcore ferocity, an almost Mathcore outlook towards song structures and a Technical / Progressive Death Metal attitude overflowing in the thirty minutes of “Flood To Euthanasia”, bringing the band quite close to acts such as ION DISSONANCE and DESPISED ICON. Even though the album is of short length, do not expect to find the usual Grindcore song duration; most of the songs in here have duration of about four minutes.

What is the strongest aspect of UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION is their technicality. The level of musicianship among the band members is extremely high, with the drums and bass creating an impressive rhythm section, manipulating rhythmic patterns and constructing great groove for the songs found in “Flood To Euthanasia”. For instance, in “Don’t Be Afraid To Kill a Dead Man” the band builds a great groove full of drive while the guitars are adding that extra bit of melody or dissonance along the way, as well as throwing in some interesting solos.

That is where UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION are sealing the deal. The way that the guitars are used is absolutely suitable to their style. Whether they need heavy riffing, as is the case with the beginning of “Insect’s Grin”, melodic parts, dissonance and paranoia, for instance in “Honor of Disgust” or simply to craft a complete vortex of perplexing intensity, a great example being the closing track of the album “Deformed Souls”, they always are there with the right part to play.

When you add to all that a few extra accompaniments, the whole listening experience of “Flood To Euthanasia” gets more fascinating. The weird intro to the album gives you the creeps with the sound of women crying, while the use of clean vocals, used more as speech rather than actual singing, for example in “Cerebral Collapse”, works quite well for the band. The vocals in the album are evenly distributed between clean ones, the deep death growls and a few thinner but more piercing black metal types of vocals. This gives the album more variety and consequently makes “Flood To Euthanasia” an even more interesting listen.

From the very first notes of “Getsemani’s Shadows”, UNCONVENTIONAL DISRUPTION bring forth all their force and technicality, filling “Flood To Euthanasia” with deathly riffs, paranoid rhythmic parts and great vocals. Overall, the band’s debut album is a good first effort and hopefully they can take their music even further from here.

3 Star Rating

1. Introduction to Euthanasia
2. Getsemani’s Shadows
3. Don’t Be Afraid to Kill a Dead Man
4. Honor of Disgust
5. Change of Hypocrisy
6. Insect’s Grin
7. Cerebral Collapse
8. Deformed Souls
J.D. – Bass
Lore – Drums
Teo – Guitars
Max – Guitars
Gory – Vocals
Record Label: Memorial Records


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