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Undead Prophecies - Sempiternal Void Award winner

Undead Prophecies
Sempiternal Void
by Lianne Molon at 15 February 2019, 4:18 PM

In the mood for some ghastly Death Metal with a technical/progressive feel and a knack for old-school vocals? Then look no further than the newly formed UNDEAD PROPHECIES and their “Sempiternal Void.”

The album has a clear tendency to worship the nasally, old-school growls of John Tardy, and the inconceivable shrieks of Chuck Schuldiner. Instrumentals are precisely well done, with a sound bordering on melodic but altering between the ruthless blast beats and aggressive alternate picking. Each track is composed intricately and produced/mixed to the point of near perfection.

I Summon Demons” sets the tone for the album straight away - with rigorous tempo, blasphemic shock value and repulsive vocals straight from the morgue. It happens to be one of my favourite tracks from the album, and from the first listen, I could speculate how intensely meticulous this album would turn out to be - from the technical difficulty of the riffs to how both the vocals and guitars harmonize with one another in a fearsome, harsh calling.

Devoured” and “Circle Of Conspiracy” are two tracks that intensify the already vicious record and bloodthirsty musicians. Percussionist Drauhr maintains cutthroat precision and bassist Angelus notably adds his savagery to the ferocious noise in a rigid, tone-driven manner underlying the rhythm guitars. With “Throne Of Void” the boisterous rhythm is carried out alongside consistent vocal work, enough to tempt the energetic drummer to speed up into a raging tempo. While I have nothing negative to say about the present vocal work, it would be interesting to see how vocalist King Oscuro carries out high screams, which are only occasionally mixed into the batch.

The album has much to offer a dedicated consumer of Death Metal, reaching out to the fans of precise technical work, old-school vocals, and deafening, heavy-as-hell material that you’d expect to come from a band that’s been on the scene for longer than a decade. UNDEAD PROPHECIES has another full-length album out, and, well, I’m going to be listening to that one next. This is a Death Metal project that you’ll be happy to have stumbled upon, either by accident or out of your dedication to the genre. Vile, sick, and exceptional work from this band.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. I Summon Demons
2. Suffocated / Vanity
3. Insidious Manipulations
4. The Souls I Haunt
5. Unholy Entity
6. Devoured
7. Circle Of Conspiracy
8. Above The Claws Of Doom
9. Throne Of Void
10. Warhead
King Oscuro - Vocals
Noctidiurnal - Guitars
Necro - Guitars
Drauhr - Drums
Angelus - Bass
Record Label: Listenable Records


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Edited 30 November 2022

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