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Undecimber - Dead Inside

Dead Inside
by Emily Coulter at 27 December 2013, 2:15 AM

The Goth Rock community hasn't been the same since Peter Steele's death and it never will be. Trying to find a new band to listen to in the genre can be hard when it's dominated by HIM and TYPE O NEGATIVE but UNDECIMBER are a band to take on the big names.

Opening track ''Beyond The Grave'' sounds like a watered down version of THE 69 EYES. It has all the components of a great Goth Rock track: synth, deep vocals and rough guitar riffs. Snake's vocals are extremely alike to Jykrie 69 of THE 69 EYES due to how low they can get but the tempo is reminiscent of TYPE O NEGATIVE. A gentle track to open up with and easy to tap along to. ''Dead Angel'' is a little more fast paced compared to the previous but the vocals would be better for the track if there was more of a range. Yet again the synth parts give a great eerie atmosphere to the track, without it the song would be extremely weak. Lash and Snakes work well on the guitars, all riffs are simple but easy to head bang to. Sadly the drums are barely there, you don't really see the point of Zombie being included at all due to the deeper parts of the song being handled by the synth.  Opened up with an almighty riff ''Fatal Kiss'' gives a little more hope to the album. Still the synth plays a huge part but Zombie does have more of a role, the guitars are still as heavy as ever but with a slight funk vibe to them. A great solo from one of the guitarists could of made this a lot better but this is still a very good song from the band.

''Hell And Back'' has a rather dramatic opening with Snake's vocals haunting as ever. The song has a slow but upbeat tempo changing rapidly throughout the song proving that UNDECIMBER know what they're doing when creating a good Hard Rock album. The only bad point which can start to be noticed throughout the album is that Snakes has a very flat voice, mostly due to his short vocal range. ''Scars Of Pleasure'' starts off with an industrial rock vibe similar to the music of WILLIAM CONTROL. Undoubtedly this is the worst track of ''Dead Inside'', UNDECIMBER have made a good effort with it but it just does not feel original in any aspect. Nothing compares to ''Solitude'' in any way possible, from the moment it begins it is simply great. Snake's voice is just a tad more dramatic than his normal range but it just has an eerie feel added to it. The guitars are rather simple but you really want to bob your head around when you get into it, though the lyrics are heavily repetitive you don't really mind due to it being so good. UNDECIMBER keep on going with the great songs with ''Tears Of The Past'', which is one of the best from the album. The track has atmosphere, an obvious industrial element embedded into it and gravel throated vocals from Snakes. What makes ''Tears Of The Past'' is that it's so basic it's good, it has it's special parts but the guitars, drums and vocals are just nice to listen to.

''Three Pageg's From Hell'' isn't as good as the previous but it's still okay to listen to. If the song was atleast a minute shorter and less repetitive then it would have been more enjoyable but it does carry on a little too long. If you love 69 EYES but want a more ambient version of them then listen to UNDECIMBER. Penultimate track ''Wait In The Dark'' is refreshing compared to the last few tracks but is greatly welcomed. The song has more of an electronic element but still combines Goth Rock vocals with a lighter atmosphere. Sadly, Snakes vocals sound strained and would be much more suited to the track if they were deeper. ''War Hero'' is one of the best from the album and a great way to end the album. Snake's vocals have improved and more of the band feels involved in the track rather than everything sounding very muffled out. The song is emotional and you can really feel it within the lyrics, if UNDECIMBER had more tracks like this then it could have been a lot better album.

UNDECIMBER have made a good effort when creating ''Dead Inside'' but the album needs a lot more variation within the songs. Snake's vocals have a small range and it seems all the attention is focused on him at times with the guitars and drums barely noticeable. There is hope for the band if they take this advice but if not then their next releases could be very dismal. 

3 Star Rating

1. Three Pages From Hell
2. Tears Of The Past
3. Solitude
4. Scars Of Pleasure
5. Fatal Kiss
6. War Hero
7. Hell And Back
8. Wait In The Dark
9. Dead Angel
10. Beyond The Grave
Snakes – Vocals/Guitar
Lash – Guitar
Mizzy – Bass
Zombie – Drums
Record Label: Downfall / Black Vulture Records


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