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Undecimber - Seven Nights of Sin

Seven Nights of Sin
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 19 October 2012, 1:11 AM

UNDECIMBER is a strange name to covet your band. Along hearing it, I would think it to be as a montage to expand October and get rid of December all together. I would designate October as usually a month of creepiness, haunting mysteries, fear, and unorthodox tales, etc. while December is more about togetherness, harmony, singing, and celebration. Seeing as UNDECIMBER fall among the ranks of “Gothic” influenced music, I’d naturally be inclined to think ridding of December and adding that months’ time to October. As it turns out UNDECIMBER is actually a term to describe a month after December making it the thirteenth month and that number is associated with superstition and fits more nicely on the expansion of October.

I wouldn’t exactly call UNDECIMBER as metal. The tone of their riffs sounds okay but overall it just sounds like a mainstream Rock band or more accurately an Alternative Metal band at best. They do have a gothic-esque quality to their sound, particularly thanks to the Synth / keyboard and the vocals. Collectively as a band, the guitars, drums, and bass are meaningless. They provide support for the vocals and only act as rhythm and not really providing any groundbreaking sound in their own right. They completely destroy a true gothic feel that only Patrik Ransäter “Snakes” can implement. His vocals I’d say depend on the interpretation of the listener. If you really dig into them you can find an immense, intense aura otherwise they might come off as monotonous to the average listener. You can feel pain, the scars of his life through his singing, crestfallen and depersonalization from yourself through the trials life inevitably puts us all through. A lot of times the lyrics were and can be superficial but if you actually listen to his voice, he can make any subject an emotional and mildly somber ride.

Snakes reminded me of HIM and TYPE O NEGATIVE. Not particularly the bands themselves but the frontmen, Ville Vallo and the late Peter Steele. All three of these vocalists capture that hurt, the pain, and all three have different ranges and array of emotions which is great for the manifestation of the Goth scene. “Demon My Love” allowed me to make that connection between Steele and Snakes. What makes UNDECIMBER more experimental is their use of electronics, I’ve in the past criticized electronics but slowly I’ve been more open minded to them but I really like the use of it in this band. Snakes and the keyboards / synths, electronics, and the slight use of the piano were notable. I really believe Snakes is dimmed in this band, I think he could shine a lot more if he were to have real musicians accompany him. It would be interesting to hear what future material UNDECIMBER will come up with seeing as this is their debut release. What I’d love to see is Snakes having another project, I know he’s capable of so much more.

2 Star Rating

1. Death By Design
2. The Wicked
3. Never Broken
4. Demon My Love
5. Redemption
6. Aiming Low
7. Together In Death
8. Take This Life
9. Darkness
10. Poison Within
Peter Jansson (Zkipper) - Drums
Emma Kronborg (Lash) - Guitars
Patrik Ransäter (Snakes) - Vocals, Guitars
Mikael Carling (Mizzy) - Bass
Record Label: Downfall Records


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