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Undefined - Of Xenoglossy And Saturn (CD)

Of Xenoglossy And Saturn
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 April 2008, 2:09 PM

An enigmatic cover artwork, alive red and black colors, fuzzy tracklist sequence and a total prospect flourishing out of some inner sanctum. UNDEFINED's first full-length release including three out of four compositions of 2005's Saturnism Unfolds EP added by a set of five more songs, all aiming to hunt for your interior notions ahead of some murky deathlike wish. Chaos, skulls, velvet darkness and post-death sway directly from Spain…
…the land UNDEFINED is hailing from. Rising their tremoring hearts in 2002, it would be a rather effortless finish to plant the 'Death Metal' stamp on this band/CD. Paying homage to the non-grind Death Metal ideals (grooves, blasts, riffing, growls), the appetite for enough atmosphere plus sufficient technical/prog instrumentation would not stay away from a total of eight songs in more than 58 minutes. Quite boring, huh? Nope…A good album from a band succeeding in adopting a (somehow) personal style, an amalgam of Swedish Death Metal, German/Scandinavian atmospheric Metal (not that 'Goth', I'd dare to say), a glimpse of 'epic' Black Metal and enough of technical Death Metal in a peculiar combo. Peculiar, but rather attractive. The tracks' duration(s) speak for themselves. If it's not boring, than it cannot be that typical.
UNDEFINED members do not push their music to the limits. Change of tempos? Enough. Clean/Brutal vocals rotation? Some. Riffs variety? Sufficient. Distorted/clean guitars intermezzos checkout? You bet. Doom or be doomed, also, at times. Grab some volume in the production/mix, too, and here's a good company for your moody times. Bands like mid-career OPETH or (sophisticated) EMPEROR or (even) the 'dark' side of 80s METALLICA or…I do not know…I do not consider myself a Death Metal proficient listener, but Of Xenoglossy And Saturn is self-extracted to various atmo-Death directions within a simple(?) track.
I'd like to have the lyrics to this one, since a) the band states their …main inspiration sources are philosophy, psychology, myths and religion, and another obscure concepts as death, war and defeat…, and b) the songwriting's development throughout the whole CD can confirm so. Nonetheless, unless you're a SEVERE TORTURE-and-only fanatic when speaking 'bout Death Metal, you should seek for this Spanish candy (sic…) since it tastes rather good. Try it. Of Xenoglossy And Saturn deserves it.
P.S.: There are times the guitars' 'cross-firing' gets high and mighty.

3 Star Rating

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D.Garijo - Drums
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Gherion - Vocals
F.Allen-Perkins - Guitars
J.Gonzalez-Arintero - Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Scythecut


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