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Undercroft - Ruins Of Gomorrah

Ruins Of Gomorrah
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 14 February 2013, 11:41 AM

Well it’s been a bit of an extended hiatus since my last review. I’d like to say that I was simply too busy with schoolwork and the like, but in reality I had plenty of time and simply am not one to motivate myself to review something when it’s so mind numbingly average. This album is mind numbingly average.

Basically, it’s a Metalcore-ish thing. Not particularly outstanding in any way. There’s a few catchy riffs here and there, but that isn’t saying much. A comatose diabetic with no hands and brain-death could fart out a simple catchy riff, it’s really not the esoteric art some claim it is.

The drumming is standard, the leadwork has the inspirational qualities of wax paper, and the vocal work is the same goddamned horrible fucking shit I’ve heard a thousand times over, and a thousand times too many. In summary, if it sounds like the vocalist is perpetually burping or roughly trying to shit, then it sounds like something I don’t want to hear.

But I’m an asshole, and according to some my opinions are just wrong, never mind the complete nonsense of what that statement means. Hey, if you disagree, more power to you. Either write your own damn review, or go fuck yourself. I call this kind of release mediocrity, and not particularly good mediocrity.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. El Triunfo De la Muerte
3. At The Gardens of Hatred
4. Black Magik Witches
5. Dead Human Flesh
6. Ruins of Gomorrah
7. Legions of Beelzebub
8. The Art of Vengeance
9. Empalando Al Invasor
10. Outro
11. The Beast
Cladio Illanes – Guitars
Alvaro Lillo – Bass/Vocals
Pablo Cortes - Drums
Record Label: Season of Mist


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