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Unendlich – Scales of Existence Award winner

Scales of Existence
by Deaddie at 23 March 2017, 1:01 AM

UNENDLICH is the name of the day for this  reviewer, as I have the distinct pleasure of discussion the latest album “Scales of Existence”. Now, what makes this so special is that this one-man project hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Which is my neck of the woods, only one county over.  Promoting local music has always been important to me, it is however the pride of what I do here at Metal Temple.

Everyone is familiar with one-man stylings of the more famous groups like BURZUM, but there really is no comparing UNENDLICH. Firstly, I noticed the sound quality. It does adhere to the typical Black Metal aura, but doesn’t have that raw recorded in the basement feel. There is good production quality here, so all instruments and vocals are clearly heard. That aside, The blasts, the riffs, the growls, are all great. You can really tell this man puts his heart and soul in all their black glory into his art. Yes, this is as Black as you could want.

There is more to the music that just brutal rawness. His melodies are insatiable, mixing a dark atmospheric undertone in just the right quantity. I did read that he had suffered a family loss during the recording of this album, which you can hear fueling the songs along adding a rich crispness, and dare say realness to every note that is played. A true example of using music for one of its any intended purposes. I really think that is what helps to set him apart from you run of the mill solo-member project.

As far as Black Metal goes, this has it all. I can only say that the man is a genius. He by himself has put out an album to be compared with the likes WATAIN, GORGOROTHMAYHEM, or any other giant within the Black Metal genre. It makes me proud to be able to call UNENDLICH a local band. It will keep you headbanging!! So all of you metal heads out there check this album out! You will not be disappointed.

And to the artist, I’m only an hour away and I play drums. Wink wink…

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. When It’s Too Late
2. Parasidistic
3. Transparent Man
4. I Despair
5. Way Of All Flesh
6. Dethroned
7. Exsanguination
8. Destroyer
9. Rearranged To Be Broken
10. Pillars of Decay
M.J.C. - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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