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Uneven Structure - La Partition Award winner

Uneven Structure
La Partition
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 18 August 2017, 1:31 PM

Progressive Metal quartet UNEVEN STRUCTURE formed in France in 2008. The band quickly went to work on an EP, which was released in 2009. Their debut full-length, “Februus,” came to fruition in 2013. Since then, they have been touring and working on their latest release here “La Partition,” which contains eleven new tracks. “Alkaline Throat” is the opening song. There is a lot going on here. A punchy rhythm combines with ethereal clean vocals, supported by legato lead guitar notes. Grace is tempered with harsh vocals at times, and the entire composition is held together with the glue of strong musicianship. It segues into the next song, “Brazen Tongue.” Like the title, it is a biting song with formidable constitution. The heaviness of the sound is beautifully balanced with robust melodies and a dreaminess that comes mostly from the clean vocals style and background ambiance. “Incube” is a seven-minute breezy song, with despondent sounding vocals, like those made famous by KATATONIA. It moves willfully, taking in breath along the way, and tantalizing your sense of feeling, with the closing lyric line “you promised me some rest…nothing close to this mess.”

“Succube” has a very peaceful quality that fuses with some bulky and chunky riffs done in Djent style, and with harsh vocals that sting. The coral snake looks pretty, with its brightly colored patterns, but can’t remind you in a second that it has a deadly venom. “Funambule” starts off with a kick in the teeth, with deep and dark harsh vocals that are prolonged for impact. The Progressive groove is thick with harmony and even the clean vocals are gloomy in nature. Skillfully constructed, the textures are multi-dimensional, in clusters of notes that draw together as magnets. “The Bait” has loose, Post-Rock type feeling, like the softer side of TESSERACT. The focus on mostly clean vocals and the lack of an overly-meaty punch is exactly what makes it so easy on the ears. Its melancholy nature allows the delicate melodies to flow as a river does through a wooded glen. Until the end that is, when the waters rage in a crescendo of anger and retribution. “Our Embrace” is a seven-minute dirge with another dejected lyrical message…“you processed me to bile, vulgar and featureless…only to harmonize and grow one again.” It’s a slow moving track with subtle Progressive nuances and an agonizing sound, with things that you rarely access in the darkest recesses of your mind.

“Your Soul” closes the album, with an opening sound that is heavy, deep and angry. The vocals croon: “you threw all of us down this boiling kettle…oarsmen and hangmen alike together, tender meat for your loathsome meal.” From there, melodies intertwine and counter the harshness with equal punches. Fans have noted “growth” in the band since the debut album in 2013. Not being familiar with that work, I cannot comment on that. However, just taking in this album for itself, it is a fantastic display of complex songwriting, musicianship, technicality, and a great balance between dark and light, good and bad, despair and hope. The melodies that they integrate are key to this balance. You can also appreciate the richness of their songwriting and the accessibility of the songs that easily assimilate into your mind. I don’t normally have a lot to say about lyrics either, as I connect more with music. But these lyrics here are very telling and very personal. UNEVEN STRUCTURE have surely established themselves as a major player in this genre with “La Partition.”

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Alkaline Throat
2. Brazen Tongue
3. Crystal Teeth
4. Groomed and Resting
5. Incube
6. Succube
7. Funambule
8. Greeted and Dining
9. The Bait
10. Our Embrace
11. Your Scent
Jérôme Colombelli – Guitar
Igor Omodei – Guitar
Steeves Hostin – Guitar
Benoit Friedrich – Bass
Matthieu Romarin – Vocals
Arnaud Verrier – Drums 
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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