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Unfaith – When An Angel Falls

When An Angel Falls
by Jacob Dawson at 08 April 2015, 6:27 AM

In 2013, UNFAITH was born in Brazil for the purpose of creating music. Not just any music, but metal music. UNFAITH released their debut album “When An Angel Falls” in December of 2014. While there isn’t much band information floating around on UNFAITH, after listening to this release, they don’t need much background information to introduce themselves to the metal and hard rock communities.

The first thing to point out, which is always the first when this is the case, is that the vocalist is a female. There are almost no male vocals within the tracks on “When An Angel Falls”.  The vocals are soft and angelic for most of the album, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments of pure heartfelt belting vocals. The musicianship is lovely. There is harmonious harmony to perfectly support the exemplary melodies. The music is hard while the vocals balance that hardness with softness.

The opening track “Here Is The Truth”, comes in strong with heavy drums and a kick-ass baseline. The guitars add beauty to the darkness the drums and bass create for the intro. The track stay pretty low, but is lightened with the guitars and of course those vocals. The guitar solo towards the end of the track is pure proficiency.

Track four, “New Arena”, starts with riff-age that instantly brings the listener in. The guitar work is flawless and is the perfect complement to the vocals. This track is one of the harder ones for vocals. She does go deeper for a more gnarled sound, but still keeping it beautifully celestial.  The drums are perfectly done; keeping a fast but cohesive sound and the baseline is super low, but completely integral part of the music.

“Roleplay”, track ten, is my favorite track on the album. The track starts off hooking the listener from the beginning. There is no need to wait for it. The track is a bit more popish than the rest of the album, but it is still steadfast Metal. The vocals in the chorus has something to do with Poppy sound, but the music keeps it hardened making it a still acceptable Metal track and that guitar. Yes, please.

UNFAITH is a breakout metal band. The girl has some pipes on her and she has an incredible group of musicians behind her. When An Angel Falls” is a masterfully written debut album. I hope to hear many more albums from this band. Take a listen and show them some love.

4 Star Rating

1. Here Is The Truth
2. Ghosts
3. We Call That Evolution
4. New Arena
5. Salvation
6. Dogma
7. The Preacher
8. Black Trip
9. R U Ready
10. Roleplay
11. When An Angel Falls
Lisa N. – Vocals
Celo Oliveira – Guitars
Jedah Kinneas – Bass
Léo Peccatu – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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